Core Purpose: We are a place to be heard…a place to be helped.

Core Values: We are child-centered. We value humility. We value kindness. We are professional.

Mission: To offer hope and healing to children and families impacted by child abuse and neglect through a coordinated community response.

Core Competencies: Accountability, Respect, Commitment, Flexibility, Teamwork, Lifelong Learning, and Communication.

Vision: TCP will provide leadership in a team approach to ensure that all our children are safe, nurtured, and heard. Our community will not accept child abuse and its effects and will work collaboratively so that:

  • Every child who has been abused will be protected from further harm.
  • Every child and family will be provided with support to put the trauma behind them
  • Every child in harm’s way will be safeguarded from harm.
  • Every abuser will be stopped as early in life as possible.
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