Thanks to your support, in 2019 ACF awarded 117 students scholarships worth nearly $400,000 and granted out over $9 million to nonprofit organizations across the state. Pick.Click.Give. celebrated its 10th year and once again offered nonprofits a consistent means to connect with donors and bring awareness to their important causes. The Affiliate program gave cities and regions across the state the power to focus grants on the unique needs of their communities. These accomplishments are a result of the generosity of Alaskans who endeavor to cultivate and improve their communities and leave a legacy of which they can be proud.

It is our privilege to steward the dreams and hopes of our fellow Alaskans. We thank our community and our corporate partners, board members, and staff who have made such great strides toward solving the challenges we face as a state. We extend special gratitude to our donors who passionately support the causes they believe in. Together we are working to overcome obstacles and invest in brighter times ahead. 

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