Our Affiliates
The Affiliate Program is at the heart of ACF and core to our mission. Established in 2008 through a partnership with Rasmuson Foundation, the Affiliate Program currently supports ten Affiliate communities across Alaska to build localized philanthropy.

ACF empowers local groups of dedicated volunteer Advisors to grow their community’s endowments to support statewide nonprofits and charitable projects, now and forever. Affiliate Advisory Boards recommend grants to local nonprofits, lead efforts to support organizations within their communities, and encourage their communities to invest in themselves to build stronger and more vibrant lives for their residents. As a result, ACF and its Affiliates increase individual philanthropy among Alaskans, encourage local leadership to identify community issues and invest in solutions, and grow permanent charitable assets in communities across Alaska to sustain nonprofits.

Become an Affiliate

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Affiliate Community Officer, Mariko, Sarafin, at or 907-249-6609

Affiliate Program Officer, Shawn Rivera, at or 907-274-6708