Grants Administrator

The Alaska Community Foundation is seeking to hire a Grants Administrator responsible for the grants management process from application or recommendation through closing and evolving the ACF’s grants management systems and processes to higher levels of efficiency and maturity. The Grants Administrator provides management and direction, with guidance from the VP of Programs and Grants, in various research projects and duties to ensure alignment with the ACF’s grantmaking program and overall mission and goals.  A special focus of this position is to transform data management from a manual process to an automated process to ensure accurate and efficient reporting of grant-related data. Responsibilities of this position include overseeing the administration of the grants management databases including design, maintenance, and oversight of workflow processes and procedures to ensure accurate and efficient collection and reporting of grants data; approves all templates related to the grantmaking process, and directs the generation of reports and statistics.

Job Description

Anchorage Schools Foundation Program Administrator

The Alaska Community Foundation is seeking to hire a Program Administrator to support the ongoing work of the Anchorage Schools Foundation (ASF). The ASF Program Administrator provides administrative and strategic support to the ASF Advisory Board, and fills a critical role in supporting the operational needs, marketing and communications, and strategic initiatives of ASF. This is a part-time position that reports to ACF’s VP of Programs and Grants and the ASF Advisory Board.

Job Description