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When you give to one of these great causes, you create a philanthropic ripple that is felt across Alaska. Whether it’s $25 or $250,000, your investment in Alaska makes a real difference and builds a permanent endowment that will benefit all Alaskans now and forever.

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Philanthropy for Alaska Fund

Help build a legacy of compassion and generosity that will create lasting support for Alaskan nonprofits and communities.

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Alaska Family Services Fund

This is an endowment fund established for the long-term stability of Alaska Family Services, Inc (AFS), established in 1979 to respond to the needs of women and children in crisis…

Alaska Here and Now Fund

A fund to meet the ever-changing needs of Alaska.

Alaska Historical Society Alaska History Fund

The Alaska Historical Society, Alaska History Fund, is for the Alaska Historical Society’s peer-reviewed scholarly journal Alaska History. The semiannual journal has been published since 1984. The funds will primarily…

Alaska Historical Society Fund

The Alaska Historical Society is dedicated to the promotion of Alaska history by the exchange of ideas and information, the preservation and interpretation of resources, and the education of Alaskans…

Alaska Humanities Forum Endowment Fund

Many of the challenges that threaten the health of our communities are rooted in a lack of connection, communication, and compassion. We want to change that. Since its founding in 1972,…

Alaska Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development Fund

The mission of the Alaska Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development Fund is to support programs and projects of 501c3 Not for Profit organizations that are collaborating in the advancement of…

Alaska Kidney Foundation Fund

Organizations that are addressing the causes and treatments of kidney disease in Alaska, and supporting Alaskan residents with, or at risk of kidney disease are welcome to apply.

Alaska Literacy Program Fund

The mission of Alaska Literacy Program is to change lives through literacy Since 1974, ALP has been providing literacy services to Anchorage residents and other parts of the state. ALP…

Alaska Meth Education Project Fund

A fund to support public education on drug abuse in partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage.