Many of the challenges that threaten the health of our communities are rooted in a lack of connection, communication, and compassion. We want to change that.

Since its founding in 1972, Alaska Humanities Forum has been bringing Alaskans together to think critically and to talk —across perspectives, values, and backgrounds— about things that matter.  Through our work, we strive to share and preserve the stories of people and places across our vast state, develop and lead meaningful civic dialogue, and explore what it means to be Alaskan.

The Forum is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization representing and serving Alaska as one of 56 state and territorial councils supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and as a member of the Federation of State Humanities Councils.  This funding from NEH requires a 100% match every year – from the investment of corporations, foundations, and community members across Alaska.



The Alaska Humanities Forum connects Alaskans through stories, ideas, and experiences that positively change lives and empower communities.strong>OUR VISION
Our vision is a culturally diverse, economically vibrant, and equitable Alaska where people are engaged, informed, and connected.


We are committed to excellence and to maintaining the public trust. The Alaska Humanities Forum will act with integrity, upholding a policy of honesty, transparency and fairness to all. This entails careful stewardship of resources, both fiscal and cultural.

Recognize and respect our differences; we seek and celebrate our common ground. We consider all perspectives and actively invite engagement. We appreciate human dignity and respect individual worth and values. We strive to be an organization that embraces the diversity of all Alaskans.

We celebrate culture in all of its evolving forms. We look for the common threads that make up the past and weave the future. We preserve the rich heritage of our state and foster cross-cultural understanding.

We listen and invite others to exchange ideas through dialogue. We encourage collaboration in which each person has a seat at the table. When we all work together, we move forward together.

We encourage lifelong learning and curiosity as we explore and question the world around us. We offer a safe venue to examine difficult ideas and we look for ways to inspire critical thinking. We share what we know, and we incorporate what we learn from others.

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