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Funds at ACF are created by individuals, nonprofit organizations, and family foundations to foster and encourage philanthropy in Alaska. If you are interested in opening a fund at ACF, go to our start a fund page.

When you give to one of the funds below, you create a philanthropic ripple effect that is felt across Alaska. Whether it’s $25 or $250,000, your investment in Alaska makes a real difference and builds continuing support that benefits Alaska now and in the future.

To find a specific fund to which you wish to donate, enter the fund’s name. To narrow your search, use fund categories, such as “scholarship” or “field of interest.”

To search for a cause that you care about, you can use the “categories,” “interest,” and “region” dropdowns to narrow your search.

If you wish to mail a check: for the security of our donors and to avoid banking complications, all checks must be made payable to The Alaska Community Foundation or ACF. Checks will be stamped “void” and returned to the donor if this is not the case. The fund you are directing your donation to should be named in the memo.

Thank you for giving through ACF and for all you do for your community.

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Alaska Public Media Endowment Fund

Alaska Public Media (AKPM) serves the community with a mission to make a more informed and connected life possible for all Alaskans.

Alaska Raptor Center Fund

An endowment to support the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska. The Alaska Raptor Center provides education programs, conducts research, and performs medical treatment to injured bald eagles and other…

Alaska Rock Garden Society Fund

Please consider donating to the Alaska Rock Garden Society Endowment Fund to support conservation work on the world-class rock garden at the Alaska Botanical Garden in Anchorage. Presently, work is…

Alaska SeaLife Center Endowment

An agency endowment, the Alaska SeaLife Center Endowment, supports the Alaska SeaLife Center achieve its mission of generating and sharing scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems.

Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Edward Rasmuson Endowment

An endowment to support education, training, and instruction of young Alaskans in the techniques of ski competition.

Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – General Fund

An agency fund to support ski competition and education in Alaska.

Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Jim Landes Memorial Fund

An agency fund to support U.S. Winter Olympic athletes.

Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Pia-Margrethe Denkewalter Memorial Fund

An agency fund to provide annual grants to help young skiers travel to the Junior National ski races.

Alaska Ski Educational Foundation – Tom Besh Fund

An agency fund that supports scholarships to Alaskan seniors and graduates who have been active in the sport of Nordic skiing.