About This Fund

Alaska has a rich and unique history, with its people fueled by a belief in the limitless opportunities of our great state. From Alaska’s First People, to those searching for possibilities in the Last Frontier, their stories speak to the vision, persistence, and collaboration necessary for the transition of Alaska from territory to statehood.

Finding common ground in the face of adversity, Alaskans cultivated diverse partnerships and spurred innovation.  To honor this important history, the Ted Stevens Foundation and Don Young Leadership Institute are partnering with the University of Alaska Anchorage to establish an Alaska Leaders’ Archive and Institute for Public Policy and Leadership.  Utilizing the archival collections of Alaska’s congressional delegations, Native leaders, and other prominent Alaskans, the Archive and Institute will be a research and academic center leading the study and discourse on leadership in business and public policy, to educate and inspire future leaders to address local, state, national, and global challenges.  While its focus will be grounded in issues important to Alaska, the Institute will also develop young leaders to participate on national and international levels.  By harnessing the resources and lessons of those who helped shape our state, we can collectively build toward a better future.

You are a critical part of ensuring the sustainability of the Senator’s legacy and fostering the next generation of leaders guided by his values and approach to public service.

“We live in a profound moment in Alaska’s history.  This is a chance for real, lasting change.  It is our opportunity to make the kinds of contributions that could forever alter the course of our state.  This is not a moment to look back at the past.  We need to look ahead and dedicate ourselves to the hard work that will build our future.” — Senator Ted Stevens, February 24, 2005

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