Spotlight on Scholarships

All of our scholarships at the Alaska Community Foundation impact the lives of students throughout Alaska. As we talk about often, they also present a unique opportunity to tell stories about the amazing Alaskans behind the scholarship. All of our named funds are not only funding opportunities for young Alaskans pursuing education, they are also remarkable stories about the people who inspired them.

One particular example is the Frank and Carol Pinkerton Orchestral String Instrument Scholarship for talented music students pursuing careers in music education. A graduate of Eastman School of Music and an Alaskan pilot, Frank is most known for his legacy and work as the Director of Music for the Anchorage School District.

Today in the Alaskan musician community, Frank is known for his tireless work founding several youth music programs that continue today. Indeed, his work has touched and continues to touch the lives of young musicians throughout the state. When discussing Franks’ legacy, Dr. Lee Wilkins of the UAA music program, he had this to say:

Frank was one of those amazing people who built this community and made sure it had cultural promise…Frank made the Music happen!  He worked tirelessly for many years, hand-planting Music in every school. Without his vision and tenacity, we would truly not be where we are today.

The Alaska Community Foundation is honored to work with Mr. Pinkerton and his wife Carol in keeping their legacy alive and touching the lives of talented Alaskan Musicians. Working closely with Frank, it is clear to see his commitment to helping fund the education of Alaskan students and ensure that the musical landscape of Alaska is preserved and shaped by the next generation.

The Frank and Carol Pinkerton Orchestral String Instrument Scholarship is for students who display talent, dedication to the pursuit of a career in orchestral instruction and a serious commitment to an advanced music education study program in a recognized music school, college, or university. Students of violin, viola, cello and string bass who are admitted to a music education program are eligible to apply. It is the donor’s intent that students who receive this scholarship will teach orchestra in Alaska schools and promote the same dedication and legacy to music education as that of the Pinkertons.

Head to our scholarship page to learn more about the qualifications and guidelines and submit application by April 29, 2016.