Spotlight on Nonprofits: The Seward Community Library Association

For thirty-eight years, the Seward Community Library Association has been supporting deserving students with what likely is the oldest continuously running scholarship program in the state of Alaska. Named after the founder of the Seward

Spotlight on Scholarships

All of our scholarships at the Alaska Community Foundation impact the lives of students throughout Alaska. As we talk about often, they also present a unique opportunity to tell stories about the amazing Alaskans behind

Scholarships: More to Love

There are many reasons that scholarship season at ACF is exciting – and we’re pleased to add four more to the list. Our last group of eight spring scholarships just opened this week, half of

39 Scholarships Awarded to Alaskan Students

We are proud to announce the award of 39 academic scholarships to students across the state. Scholarships at ACF are established by passionate community members committed to helping Alaskans pursue their educational dreams.

Donor Spotlight: Joyce & Jerry Klein

Joyce and Jerry Klein married September 6, 1974. After a few of work trips to Alaska, Jerry brought Joyce up and she too fell in love with our state. The two bought a house on

Scholarship Highlight: Sara Wise

Sara Wise plans to double major in Chinese language and International Studies. Her academic pursuits will take her far from Alaska and her alma mater of West High School - all the way to Indiana