My Practices for Giving

My practices for giving are: (1) getting money; and (2) giving 1/3 of it to charity.

I usually give $40-$60 every time. My parents match the amount, so my donation can be as much as $80 to $120 at a time. I usually give every year. My favorite places to give to are to nonprofits that serve foster children and people who experience disabilities so that they can go skiing and other stuff through Challenge Alaska and Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Other ways I give are to give food to homeless and those who are hungry.

One time when I was little, we were stopped at a red light and a guy had a sign that said,

No food. Please give what you can.

So I stuck a granola bar out the window and he took it and said

God bless you.

and those words coming from him moved me the most out all the words I have heard in my life time.

I give mostly for the reason to help people out who need help. The other part that I give is because when I heard the words coming from the guy. I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. It feels like a warm hearty cup of soup got stuck in your stomach and it makes you feel like every thing is good and nothing could go wrong. I personally think it makes a big difference. Imagine if everyone in the U.S focused on one state at a time we could actually wipe out hunger in the U.S it might take a long time but if everyone became selfless it most likely could happen.

I have been able to see the difference that my giving has made. When I go to Challenge Alaska I can see the equipment my money helped them buy so the people can ski. When I went to The Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired the leader there toured me around and showed me the special equipment people use for being able to work and cook and stuff just to live life.

If I hade a million dollars I would try to make a company that gets lots of money each year and I would give it to try to end poverty. Then I would try to stop war and world poverty. Also I would set up a gigantic research facility to try and find antidotes to cure diseases.

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