Giving Warmth

Similar to the changing seasons, philanthropy has its own cycle. ACF staff work year round in the office connecting donors with causes they care about, working with our partners to strengthen Alaska’s communities and building and managing permanent endowments. As staff collaborate with partners and donors from around Alaska, funds are raised, grant and scholarship cycles are opened and closed, awards are passed out, volunteers are engaged and thanked, charitable resources are managed, strategic planning for the future happens and the cycle begins again.

Outside of the office, ACF staff are busy connecting to their Alaska by donating money, volunteering their time and using their talents to educate community members of all ages.

As we cycle through the fall and on towards winter, we at ACF are once again planning to “Give Warmth this Winter”. We will be collecting hats, gloves and scarves to pass on to women and children in need. Some of these warm things are handmade, some are purchased, but all are carefully gathered and delivered to those to whom they will make the greatest difference. This season, we will be delivering the warmth to the Bering Sea Women’s Group in Nome, Alaska.

Join us in making a difference and connecting to your Alaska by “Giving Warmth this Winter”. We invite you to drop off new and unused hats, gloves, mittens and scarves at 3201 C Street, Suite 110, our ACF office, anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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