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This fund was created to celebrate the Silver Salmon Camp and the property’s Native roots.

Nudlaghi — /nud.’lɑ.xei/ — silver salmonDena’ina, Outer Inlet dialect

Silver Salmon Creek Camp (SSCC) has long been a place for community leaders, change-makers, and visionaries to build connections and get inspired while experiencing Alaska’s rich environment. However, SSCC is transitioning; the 2022 season is the last year Rasmuson Foundation will oversee operations. A new, shared management model is needed if the facility’s decades-long use as a retreat space is to continue.

Over the last year, a small group of partners has been meeting to discuss a sustainability plan. The group proposes creating a new nonprofit tasked with camp management. It is seeking to raise $3 million to support ongoing operations. Rasmuson Foundation’s Board of Directors has made a special 2:1 challenge grant of up to $1 million for contributions to the Nudlaghi Leadership Institute – Silver Salmon Camp Fund.


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