Mike taught at O’Malley Elementary School from 1984 – 2012. A former commercial salmon fisherman, a builder of custom wooden boats, and an avid recreational naturalist, Mike was as passionate about teaching science as he was about being joyful around kids. His enthusiasm, creativity, and patience in the classroom had a lifelong impact on thousands of O’Malley students over the decades. His positive energy inspired many of his students to pursue successful science-based careers.

The goal is to continue Mike’s legacy of promoting science-based learning at the elementary level, primarily for O’Malley Elementary, where his career was based. This fund will provide support for science-based classroom lessons and off-site experiences, as well as scholarships designed to assist student participation in field trips and other such events. Because Mike was passionate about opportunities for “hands-on” learning in the Alaska landscape and especially in the marine environment, these fields will be a priority. For example, Mike organized and led classroom trips to the Campbell Creek Science Center in Anchorage and to Prince William Sound and Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula. These trips were preceded by classroom lessons and facilitated by active parent participation. A full and rich curriculum!

We hope to continue to inspire many more students over the years to fall in love with nature, develop their curiosity in the sciences, and pursue livelihoods that exemplify both.

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