Scholarship Application Open: January 15, 2024 - March 15, 2024

Liam Wilson Hood was a bright light and ball of joy.  As a sweet, tow-headed toddler, he loved to cuddle, to run, to explore, to experience the world.  As he grew, Liam retained these tendencies, growing into a kind, playful, curious, and creative boy who loved the outdoors, was eager to learn and experience new things, and was always ready to give or get a hug.  Liam also liked to clown around and had an impish side that others found endearing.

Liam lived life with exuberance and curiosity. He excelled at soccer and was an excellent goalie.  He was enthusiastic about Nordic skiing, hiking, biking, running, disc golf, shooting hoops, and being on the water in just about any watercraft. He played piano and violin and enjoyed a wide variety of music from classical to folk tunes to John Williams movie scores. He enjoyed delving into complicated math and science problems, origami, felting, and creating a wide variety of art. He loved all manner of games, including cribbage, gin rummy, corn hole, and most board games. He was a very talented photographer, artist, and poet.  Liam had recently completed a 100 Consecutive Days of Photography project and was mastering aerial drone photography as well. Liam’s family camped, backpacked, rafted, and traveled extensively in Alaska, the lower 48, and internationally, often joining up with extended family and friends.  Many of Liam’s photos reflect these adventures and his love of nature and the outdoors. It was his hope someday that his photography would inspire people to conserve and protect our wild places and beautiful earth.

Liam loved being with his family.  He was always enthusiastic about helping, whether baking in the kitchen, woodworking, watering plants, doing repairs, helping with outdoor projects, or helping decorate the house and yard.  He would bike alongside his mom while she went running, play in the yard with his dad, look over his dad’s shoulder whenever he was reading or watching something, and read together with his mom at night. He and his sister were the best of friends as well as siblings.  He always wanted to be with his family, whether it was taking their dog for a walk, going for a hike, helping with chores, or running errands.  His company was ever-present in his family’s lives.

Liam had an interest in growing things both indoors and outdoors, had great fun watering plants at long range, and loved harvesting berries and vegetables.  He enjoyed tinkering with the hydroponic tower he helped build at Rogers Park Elementary and helped master growing herbs and greens.  He loved to climb trees from an early age.  He would climb the trees in his own yard, but his favorite was climbing mountain hemlocks and sometimes spruce with his sister or fellow ski buddies when he went hiking.  He had remarkable endurance and enjoyed challenges.  He skied multiple 25 KM races with his parents: the Oosik twice with his mom, and the Tour of Anchorage, once with each of his parents. He could hike and run remarkable distances but never hesitated to stop and admire something beautiful or interesting along the way.  He truly viewed the world with wonder and awe.

Liam had a purity and playfulness about him that everyone recognized.  His huge smile lit up our lives.  His thoughtfulness, kindness, and eagerness to help out his family and friends will never be forgotten.  His enthusiasm and happy nature was contagious and touched so many lives around him.  He is deeply loved by his immediate and extended family, as well as a wide network of friends in our community.  We carry his bright spirit in memories, in stories, in photos, and in our hearts. His presence on earth will long be felt and cherished.

The Liam Hood scholarship will provide one (1) $5000 award.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Alaska resident
  • Graduating High School senior
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Planning to attend a 4 year college/university
  • Must have been involved in music or art – either as a high school course or an extracurricular activity to be reflected on the submitted resume

Applicants will be Asked to Provide:

  • Two current letters of recommendation from those that can attest to your character
  • Resume of education, work experience, activities, personal interests, honors/awards, and volunteer/community service
  • Personal Essays
  • High School transcript
  • Statement of financial need, including Student Aid Report, the total cost of attendance, family contributions, etc.

IMPORTANT: Scholarship recipients must submit their student ID number and program information to ACF through the online system before their award can be disbursed. If we do not receive the above information by June 30, 2024 the scholarship may not be awarded. Please contact ACF if you cannot send in the information by this date.

Contact The Alaska Community Foundation with questions: or 907-334-6700

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