This endowed fund supports organizations and initiatives that promote responsible pet ownership, place rescue pets in loving homes, provide emergency medical care for rescue animals and provide financial assistance to owners who are unable to afford emergency care or long-term medication for their pets or help keep the feral pet population under control without the use of euthanasia.

This fund intends to support non-profit 501(c) organizations that are fiscally sound and have proven their ability to respond to the needs of pets in the states of Alaska and Georgia with a preference for the communities of Fairbanks, Alaska, and the surrounding area and the Warm Springs and Manchester, GA area.


John Teeter provided the following letter as a brief history from the perspective of Carol and John of why this fund is important, and why they created this endowed fund with The Alaska Community Foundation.

By different paths Carol (Georgia) and I (Missouri) both traveled to Fairbanks, AK during the early 70’s.  Almost immediately Carol went to work at the city electrical power plant where she retired 25 years later.  After working also at the electrical power plant a few months I started an electrical contracting company called Power Comm, Inc. which was proud to be signatory to the IBEW electrical workers union.

A few years later Carol’s path and mine crossed again and we got married sharing our love for each other as well as our love for animals. Growing up in rural Georgia and Missouri, we each always had a dog and or cat as a playmate and our love for our four legged friends meant so much to us.  Over time we came to see a lot of animals needing a home and or care and we started supporting local non-profit organizations that were taking care of these animals.

As we neared retirement we often reflected on how good it was to have so many good friends and business acquaintance’s and how the State of Alaska and particularly the Fairbanks area had been so good for us.  We started thinking how we could give back to the community and during a meeting with Mike Cook, the CPA for Power Comm. Inc,  we discussed this and he introduced me to the Golden Heart Community Foundation, an affiliate of Alaska Community Foundation. After some research and thought Carol and I decided this was a perfect way for us to help support the care of animals so we decided we would set up a fund that would help financially support these organizations.

Sincerely, John F. Teeter

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