Housing Alaskans: A Public-Private Partnership (HAPPP) is a housing accelerator, leveraging funds to quickly provide housing in Alaska communities.

Housing Alaskans is a housing accelerator. HAPPP is a dynamic, agile, flexible statewide funding accelerator that collaborates with other housing funding entities, such as the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and HUD, to leverage and combine various funding streams to make it easier for housing projects to get adequate capital quickly and efficiently. HAPPP is unique to other housing funding entities because it blends public funds and philanthropic contributions, requiring fewer restrictions.

HAPPP is a policy partner. HAPPP advocates for policy solutions that increase housing development, unleashing opportunities for Alaska’s workforce, communities, and economy.

HAPPP’s grant process is a precision tool. The statewide grantmaking application process is efficient and far less burdensome for applicants than most grants. HAPPP’s first grant cycle focused on “top-off” funding for priorly vetted projects partially funded from other sources. Six grants were awarded for housing projects in six communities in just a matter of weeks, creating over 80 new homes.

Why Invest in HAPPP?

Every Alaskan knows someone struggling to find housing, whether a family member, friend, coworker, or employee, and the workforce shortage is strangling Alaska businesses. You can join us in supporting HAPPP and catalyze more housing development in our state. Your charitable donation to HAPPP will join with and leverage other funding from philanthropy, businesses, and local, state, and federal sources to simplify the development process for community-building projects. Your support will provide grants to communities with developments such as Hítx’i Sáani (Tlingit for “Little Houses”), a permanent supportive housing development in Sitka or Aspen House, low-income senior housing in Wasilla. Please see our Grants Summary sheet for details on recently funded housing developments. Please consider joining us to increase Alaska’s housing supply and promote statewide economic growth, thriving communities, and a stable workforce environment.

Why is housing such a significant issue in Alaska?

Alaska’s pervasive housing shortage stifles economic growth, impedes workforce attraction and retention, hampers community well-being, and undermines family stability. Post-pandemic conditions such as skyrocketing construction costs, financing hurdles, and a scarce workforce exacerbate our already serious housing problems. Lack of housing is the #1 reason why businesses say they can’t grow.

  • Alaska’s workforce is grappling with a housing affordability crisis. Alaska’s workers, from healthcare workers to teachers to cooks, can no longer afford rising housing costs.
  • Alaska is in a housing development rut. Housing production has shriveled since most development exceeds what Alaskans can afford.
  • Alaska’s aging housing stock is holding us back. Housing construction peaked in the 1980s. As new construction and renovations lag, our outdated housing stock is a major obstacle to attracting and retaining a workforce, preventing economic growth.

Why Housing Alaskans?

The status quo is failing. The market isn’t building enough housing for working families, and Alaska’s housing crisis is felt statewide. From Ketchikan to Anchorage to Utqiagvik, new developments will take new resources. Many housing projects are financially complicated, requiring dozens of different funding sources that take years to maneuver the various application processes to build the required capital stack. Many projects languish, lacking the final funding needed to achieve financial feasibility.

HAPPP Background

HAPPP was formed in 2022, making Alaska the 48th state with at least one state-wide housing funding trust. Initial funding came from the State of Alaska and a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation with a goal to leverage federal, state, and municipal resources with philanthropic contributions to stimulate housing development.

HAPPP invests to produce, preserve, and protect housing for Alaskans. We tackle Alaska’s housing crisis through partnerships, advocacy, technical support, and creative funding solutions to help developments cross the finish line.

HAPPP is governed by a diverse Board of Directors from throughout Alaska. It represents experienced, influential leaders from across the state who are experts in their respective fields and have been confronting housing issues in both their communities and for their employees. HAPPP’s Advisory Committee comprises housing subject matter experts from across Alaska who advise the Board of Directors on procedures and projects.

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