Donor Advised Funds Inspire Intergenerational Philanthropy

Families can encourage intergenerational philanthropy

Donor Advised Funds are a great way to make year-end donations – and to teach philanthropy to the next generation. My husband and I decided to start a Donor Advised Fund at The Alaska Community Foundation so we could involve our young-adult children in making philanthropic decisions. We are looking forward to meaningful conversations about what matters most to each of us, and then giving to those causes as a family.

The Alaska Community Foundation makes it easy to start a Donor Advised Fund, and can help you achieve that goal prior to year-end. For more insights on how a Donor Advised Fund can help you teach your children and grandchildren about the benefits of giving back, this is a great article. This article discusses ways you can teach your children and grandchildren about the benefits of giving back early in life while creating a family legacy of philanthropy. Promoting Intergenerational Philanthropy with Donor Advised Funds

Thank you to the Center of Educational Innovation for writing this article, which uses the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation as their local example for establishing Donor Advised Funds.  

Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or to establish your family’s Donor Advised Fund.