For the most active philanthropist, a donor advised fund allows you to support the issues and organizations that you care about. You can recommend grants to multiple organizations and causes throughout the year while receiving administrative support and philanthropic guidance from The Alaska Community Foundation. Learn more about the benefits of a donor advised fund. For more information, please contact us.

Sample Fund Agreements

Donor Advised Endowment Fund Agreement

Donor Advised Non-Endowed Fund Agreement

“It’s a matter of giving back. I did very well here so why not share it? I’m glad I can do it.

Edmund Schuster

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of grants can a Donor Advised fund recommend?

Donor Advised funds can recommend grants to a large variety of nonprofit organizations in support of charitable activities. They can not be used for grants to individuals or fulfillment of prior pledges.

Can donors recommend grants to individuals?

No. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 prohibits making grants from Donor Advised funds, including scholarships, directly to individuals.

Are grant requests ever denied?

ACF would never ignore the advice of an advisor. However, it must be understood that the gift is the community foundation’s property, and the ultimate decision regarding any grant resides with the community foundation. See the grantmaking due diligence policy below for more information.

Grant Making Due Diligence Policy

Is fundraising for a Donor Advised fund permitted?

Yes, under various circumstances under community foundation policies.

Do grants have to be made every year?

Unlike the private foundation that is required to make distributions or to pay excise taxes, the community foundation has developed a flexible spending policy that provides for distributions. Grants do not have to be made every year. However, if no grants have been made from a fund for three years, we will attempt to contact the fund advisor(s). After several years of inactivity and if we are unable to contact the fund advisor(s), a fund may be turned into a designated, unrestricted, or field of interest fund that still honors the donor’s original intent.

Can more than one person be an advisor?

Yes. In addition to individuals, groups, boards, and companies can also be named.

Can a donor advisor change current advisors or name successor advisors?

Yes, successor advisors may be named in accordance with the original gift agreement.

How does an advisor recommend grants from a Donor Advised fund?

Complete and return the Donor Advised Grant Recommendation Form. Recommendations can be submitted by mail, email, or fax, but an original signature is necessary.

A fund advisor can recommend grants as often as they like.

Can I direct all or part of my required minimum distribution to my Donor Advised fund?

No. The IRS does not consider this a qualified charitable distribution.

Can I direct a grant from my Donor Advised fund to a different fund at ACF?

Yes. Funds at ACF are eligible to receive a grant from your DAF.