Celebrating Alaska Flag Day & the Potential of Every Child.

Event Sponsorship – AK Child and Family

“On behalf of AK Child & Family, we want to thank The Alaska Community Foundation for sponsoring the 31st annual Alaska Flag Day celebration and helping bring joy to the Alaskans we serve and those who attended the event. Our community guests all had a great time, creating memorable experiences with their loved ones and friends while learning more about the important healing work done at AK Child & Family. Thank you for helping us care for one family, one child at a time”
Angela Rush, AK Child and Family Director of Developmen

The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) was proud to sponsor and participate in AK Child and Family’s Alaska Flag Day celebration. This event is an homage to Benny Benson, the 14-year-old Alaskan student responsible for the design of our state flag. This family-friendly event is a chance for the community to come together and celebrate the potential of all the children in the care of AK Child and Family. 

AK Child and Family has been celebrating Alaska Flag Day for 31 years, but their connection to the holiday goes back 96 years to the first flying of the Alaskan flag. In 1927, Benny Benson was a resident of the Jesse Lee Home (AK Child and Family’s legacy organization) when he won the contest to design the Alaska Flag. When celebrating Alaska Flag Day, AK Child and Family looks to Benny Benson is lauded as an example of how every child can make a big difference in the world. Today, AK Child and Family is still dedicated to its mission of providing quality care and treatment to children and families who need special assistance to develop self-esteem and live harmoniously with others. 

Sponsorships at ACF

The Alaska Community Foundation seeks to support 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and tribal organizations in their fundraising efforts, awareness campaigns, and community events. We will support organizations whose work aligns with our mission, vision, and values. Limited resources necessitate focused giving in our communities, and support is generally granted on a one-time basis.