AK Can Do: You CAN make a difference

The AK Can Do fund is currently open for applications until May 4th. This is the last round of grants from this collaborative effort first launched in March of 2020 to offer a statewide opportunity

The Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund Update

As most of our lives return to normal after the November 30th earthquake, it is important to recognize the difficulties that many families and organizations continue to face.

The Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund 

A coalition of funders and service providers have come together around a single fund, the Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund

GCI Suicide Prevention Fund: Making a Difference

As a statewide organization, GCI has donated to community causes across the state. This past year, GCI decided to focus its charitable dollars on one of Alaska’s most critical issues: suicide prevention.

Site Visits: Community Engagement for Better Grantmaking

For community foundations, the importance of making connections to nonprofits and other community partners cannot be understated. Getting to know Alaskan organizations allows The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) to improve its work, especially when it