Camps Initiative Round Two

Alaska organizations can once again seek support to create quality experiences and expand access to youth camps around the state.

Giving Back To My Community

I opened an old, cracked binder labeled “Horticulture and Ethnobotany” and a composition notebook fell out.

Community Collaboration for Lasting Change

It’s a cold winter night in Anchorage. Because of a caring coalition, fewer children are sleeping outside or in a car this evening.

Spotlight on Scholarships

All of our scholarships at the Alaska Community Foundation impact the lives of students throughout Alaska. As we talk about often, they also present a unique opportunity to tell stories about the amazing Alaskans behind

Scholarships: More to Love

There are many reasons that scholarship season at ACF is exciting – and we’re pleased to add four more to the list. Our last group of eight spring scholarships just opened this week, half of

Shopping for Giving

There are two new ways to support The Alaska Community Foundation. The best part? All you have to do is shop!