Working Together for a Better Future


working together for a brighter future
In Ketchikan, community members joined forces to undertake a project that supports the Ketchikan
Community Foundation and beautifies their community.

The venture began when Wells Fargo donated a property with a dilapidated home to the Ketchikan Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, through the Community & Urban Stabilization Program. This program allows nonprofit organizations and governmental entities to receive bank-owned properties to further their missions

To prepare the property for sale, the Ketchikan Community Foundation Advisory Board worked with local companies and individuals willing to donate expertise, trucks and crews to demolish the home, transport the resulting waste to dump facilities, and recycle what was possible. The Ketchikan Community Foundation Advisory Board then sold the property to the Ketchikan Indian Community, who will use the property to provide affordable housing for tribal members in the Ketchikan area.

Through their engagement with the community and the support of so many others, the Ketchikan Community Foundation added $45,000 to their permanent charitable endowment, where it will grow and generate grants to nonprofits in the Ketchikan area now and far into the future.