Winter Bear Project

I think Community Foundations are a win/win for communities and for people who care about communities. Just as we’re learning it’s better for all of us if we “Eat Local” and “Buy Local,” we’re figuring out it’s better to “give local” and – from a recipient’s perspective – to “receive local.” When I explained my idea for a statewide suicide prevention project to the Alaska Community Foundation, they immediately “got” what I was going for and connected me with people committed to suicide prevention. Some of those folks were willing to donate funds. The money has been incredibly helpful, but even more important is that I now know I have friends and allies who believe with me in my project. Thanks to ACF and to the Northstar Community Foundation, my nonprofit fiscal agent, I am able to stand on the shoulders of many generous, optimistic people who believe as I do that we can change the climate of hopelessness that breeds suicide in our communities and in our State.

Anne Hanley, Playwright & Producer, The Winter Bear Project