What’s your role in philanthropy?

Over the years, my role in philanthropy has changed.

In grade school, I saved pennies in little cardboard boxes for various far flung organizations.

During junior high, I volunteered through church on different projects.

At my high school, we were required to do a volunteer project to graduate and I chose to work in The ARC of Spokane woodshop.

At university I helped teach disabled young adults how to swim at the university pool.

When I first moved to Girdwood, I started to volunteer with the Four Valleys Community School Program, teaching cooking classes, giving travel presentations, volunteering for events and even sitting on the Board of Directors for a short while.

And now? Now, I work for a philanthropic organization. My role in philanthropy has evolved from giving pennies, giving time, and to giving talent where I can.

As a gainfully employed adult, in a well established two person family, with a home, a car and a long term savings plan I have started thinking about taking the time to set up a will and estate plan. Upon the passing of my husband and myself (naturally many, many years from now and in the most gentle and peaceful way) who or what should or could benefit from any treasure I may leave behind? I have the power to decide and leave direction for the future, and have started exploring options. I have started to think about philanthropy in terms of a charitable legacy.

What is your role, right now, in philanthropy? Do you volunteer in some capacity at one of the thousands of Alaskan non-profits? Do you Pick.Click.Give.? Have you met with an estate planner to leave your legacy? What do you want your role in philanthropy to be tomorrow?