Volunteer Highlight – Leslie Kleinfeld

“I do it because it’s the right thing to do”.

Leslie Kleinfeld

Like many donors, Leslie Kleinfeld is an individual who interacts with The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) in more ways than one. As a donor, Legacy Society member, and committee volunteer for the Social Justice Fund, she gives to the causes that speak to her heart, helping where she can to create a better Alaska for today and tomorrow.

Inspired by the kindness and generosity of many who came before her, including her mother, Leslie has dedicated her life to creating a healthy and loving community for everyone in Alaska. As the owner of Fit for Health, she spends her time helping her clients approach their health from a holistic perspective. When bequeathing her estate to ACF, Leslie decided to establish a fund dedicated to bettering health, building community, housing, public transportation, and anything else that would improve the lives of the people of Alaska. Leslie is also an avid social justice advocate, recently volunteering to review grant applications for the Social Justice Fund.

To Leslie, an important part of social justice goes back to the Bill of Rights. “If I think about our Bill of Rights and our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, what underlines all those ideas is the right to good health. Without that, there is no life, there is no happiness, and there is no liberty because you are locked into a sick body or a sick mind. The concept of social justice permeates all areas.”

ACF strives to connect people who care with causes that matter because philanthropy is not a one-size-fits-all model, and the fabric of community is woven with many different threads. Many factors shape a community. As donors, fundholders, grantees, volunteers, board members, and supporters of funds at ACF, individuals engage with causes or communities in various ways. Some support specific funds regularly, while others contribute when moved by a particular event. Some generously offer their time and expertise to assess grant applications, while others plan to allocate a portion of their estate distribution to a chosen fund at ACF after their passing. Many combine these methods, contributing to the rich social fabric of community. There is no one way to give, and ACF is honored to accept and support the many diverse forms of philanthropy.