Understanding Wills and Estate Planning Webinar

Are you considering creating a will or estate plan to secure your legacy in Alaska? Do you feel overwhelmed by the process and need help determining where to begin? If so, plan to attend the virtual Wills and Estate Planning webinar on Thursday, October 26, from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Guest speaker Chris P. Lauer, estate planning attorney at Manley Brautigam, will help you better understand the many aspects of planning for the future, including:

  • The importance of creating a will/estate plan
  • Components of a will/ estate plan in Alaska
  • The use of trusts in estate planning in Alaska
  • How/when to include charitable bequests in your will/estate plan

Estate planning is a thoughtful process undertaken during your lifetime that establishes a plan to manage and distribute your assets in the event of your death. A will empowers a trusted individual to manage, protect, and distribute your assets. Your loved ones will be cared for according to your wishes, and your legacy will be preserved even after you’re gone. Planning for the future now can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

For some Alaskans, bequests to nonprofit organizations or causes are an important part of their will or estate plans. ACF provides a variety of tools to help steward legacies for nonprofits or causes.  If you’re interested in developing a legacy plan with ACF to preserve your philanthropic legacy in Alaska, contact ACF’s VP of Development, Elizabeth Miller.