One Hour

The switch from standard time to Daylight Saving time (and vice versa) is a strange thing. There is something arbitrary and random about the way we collectively perceive and shift time.

We begrudgingly turn the clocks one hour ahead in March and curse the disruption to our sleep cycles. Then, we gleefully celebrate the “gain” of an hour in November and feel like we can luxuriate the extra time lounging in our pajamas, drinking coffee and doing the Sunday crossword.

Truthfully, the difference is nil for most of us in Alaska. The sun rises when it rises. And it sets when it sets. But the shift of clocks from one time system to another begs the question to be asked –

What is the value of an hour? What difference can one hour make?

For most workday folks, it is easy enough to approach this through an economic and financial lens. What is your hourly wage? How much do you earn in an hour?

But I might propose another way of looking at this —

What can you DO in an hour?

There are so many ways in which we give in our communities – whether it is a gift of time, talent or treasure…

In one hour…

  • You can serve lunch at Bean’s Café.
  • You can read to children during story time at the public library.
  • You can lead a chair yoga class at the Anchorage Senior Center.
  • You can take a walk with a rescue pup at the local animal shelter.
  • You can clean up the neighborhood park to make it a fun and safe place for children…

Sometimes – one hour can make all the difference.

And of all the things you could do in one hour – what would you do?