Legacies That Realize Dreams

Words cannot capture my amazement, humble gratitude, and my excitement for what the future holds.

Emily Brockman, a first-generation college student with big dreams, is carrying on the legacy of the namesake whose scholarship she received.

A 2015 recipient of the Luella James Scholarship, Emily’s goal is to walk in Luella James’ footsteps, giving students the gift of literacy and a love of reading.

Luella James was a true Alaskan pioneer who brought her love of teaching to Alaska when she arrived in the early 1900’s. A teacher by training, education was her passion, and she spent her life promoting literacy, reading to children, and teaching others to read. She lived in Seward for fifty-seven years and was devoted to the town and its children. In her honor, Luella’s family, now with multi-generational ties to Alaska, set up a scholarship in her memory. Today, Luella’s legacy is helping others receive the education which she valued so much and spent her life giving to others.

In Luella’s spirit, Emily hopes to become a teacher herself and impart her passion for learning on the next generation. Her joint upbringing in Dillingham and Seward has, she says, made her “aware of the education gap that exists for rural communities.” Emily says,

I want to teach young people how to turn their obstacles into opportunities. I want minorities to see their diversity as an asset rather than a disadvantage. … I want to inspire lasting change.

Through the generosity and partnership of donors, volunteers, and others with a passion for helping dreamers turn their hopes into realities, students like Emily are a step closer to their goals every year.

I wept in my truck after the awards ceremony, scholarships in hand. My parents are the lower end of the middle class. I am paying for my secondary education. I am a minority, and I am a first generation college student. Know that I wept out of sheer gratitude for the generosity of organizations like yours. I cannot express my appreciation for your contributions towards furthering my education and future success. Truly, thank you.