Hilcorp Partners with ACF to Inspire Employee Giving in Alaska

give back
to the communities
they care about

Today, The Alaska Community Foundation announced a new partnership with Hilcorp Alaska that will result in more than $5,000,000 in charitable contributions over the next twelve months. Through this partnership, ACF will take over the administration of Hilcorp Alaska’s giving program and disperse the employee guided donations statewide. 

“This is innovating news for philanthropy in Alaska, and a partnership we are very excited to begin,” said Nina Kemppel, President and CEO of The Alaska Community Foundation. “Hilcorp has a successful history of enhancing its social investment through the Greater Houston Community Foundation, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to take that proven model and help Hilcorp expand its corporate giving to Alaska beginning with $5,000,000 over the next twelve months.” 

“The main reason I became interested in serving on the Alaska Community Foundation’s Board was its focus on community,” said Carol Gore, The Alaska Community Foundation Board Chair. “This investment by Hilcorp Alaska is an example of the community investing in their own community – investing in its people and place.”

Under the Hilcorp Giving Program, Hilcorp establishes a charitable fund for employees with an initial gift of $2,500 followed by an annual match up to $2,000 every year thereafter. Each employee then can direct the funds to the charities of their choice. Since the program’s inception in 2007, Hilcorp’s employees have gifted over $15 million to U.S.-based nonprofit organizations.

“We are proud to have over 90% of our employees from Alaska and we are proud to be in Alaska. There is no better organization than ACF to help our employees invest in Alaska,” said Hilcorp Alaska Senior Vice President Dave Wilkins. “Whether it is an after school program for at-risk youth, their church, or a homeless shelter, we empower our employees to become lifelong philanthropists and determine how best they can help their communities.”

Hilcorp plans to work with ACF for many years to come as it continues to grow its workforce and operation in Alaska

Hilcorp’s approach to philanthropy is unique and impactful.