‘Give Where You Live’: A Donor-Advised Fund at ACF
Leo Bustad & Jeanne Davis

Leo Bustad & Jeanne Davis

Jeanne Davis and Leo Bustad like to “give where they live” and to inspire others to do the same. Motivated by the belief that too many Alaskans who have made their livelihoods and wealth in Alaska leave the state upon retirement and take their money with them, they view The Alaska Community Foundation as a vehicle for those who have done well in Alaska to “do good” for their own communities. Leo and Jeanne established their Donor Advised Fund in 2004 and have given generously through it to causes they believe in ever since.

Leo notes that a Donor Advised Fund is a particularly attractive way to give; “A community foundation Donor Advised Fund enables you to donate appreciated assets.”

Their fund also provides a mechanism for making large, high-impact gifts.

If you want to recommend a gift that will have a significant impact but requires donations over several years, a Donor Advised Fund is an ideal vehicle.

Since the creation of the fund, Jeanne and Leo have recommended multiple grants over the years to numerous nonprofits and educational institutions.  For them, it is a flexible mechanism that makes accomplishing their philanthropic goals easier.