The mission of Museums Alaska is to maintain an association of Alaska’s museum professionals and volunteers in order to provide opportunities for improvement of museum and cultural center services in Alaska and to enhance public understanding of the purposes and functions of Alaska’s museums and cultural centers.

In 1977, a small group of Alaska museum people came together to hold an informal meeting to discuss their common concern over the lack of a unified voice to speak up for museums during the annual meeting of the Alaska Historical Society (AHS). Six years after that initial meeting, Museums Alaska filed its Articles of Incorporation in 1983.


  • Inclusive (be a neutral collaborator, listener, and partner)
  • Heritage (of local communities, regions, and the state)
  • Resource Sharing (for members and communities through programs and partnerships)
  • Sharing (serving as a neutral conduit between collecting and heritage institutions)
  • Supporting Unique Alaskan Needs (in creative and inclusive ways)


Museums Alaska is the statewide museum association of individuals and institutions committed to:

  • Preserving the natural and human history of Alaska;
  • Improving museums as educational institutions;
  • Promoting the training of staff;
  • Acting as a clearinghouse for information of interest to museums;
  • Promoting the improvement of museums in all areas;
  • Cooperating with similar organizations, and
  • Promoting an understanding of the purpose, function, and areas of Alaska’s museums


To accomplish its organizational purpose, Museums Alaska maintains a central office to receive and disburse information about museums, cultural centers, and their activities, and to collect and share professional opportunities. Museums Alaska organizes an annual conference to focus on the needs of Alaska museum professionals, volunteers, and their institutions and runs two grant programs to support the needs of Alaska’s museums.

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