Hilcorp Helping Hands Disaster Relief Fund

A fund to work with the Greater Houston Community Foundation in concert with HIlcorp to provide disaster relief.

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You can give to the fund in two ways

1. Issue a Grant from Your Employee Fund

  • Log-in to your fundholder portal current donor-advised fund
  • Click on Grant Recommendations tab
  • Select “Other Foundation Funds” from the drop-down menu
  • Select the Hilcorp Helping Hands Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Enter the dollar amount
  • Save it, and that’s it.

There would be no tax benefit to this transaction since the benefit came with the earlier tax-deductible payroll contribution.

2. Donate Directly to the Fund Using a Credit Card

  • Click on the donate button below,
  • Complete the contribution information to create a new tax-deductible donation via the Hilcorp Helping Hands Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Enter traditional credit card processing information to complete the transaction.
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