The Anchorage Faith & Action Congregations Together Fund was created by Ed & Cathy Rasmuson to support the ongoing operations of the Anchorage Faith & Action Congregations Together through an endowment.

“It does something to your life when you become a member of AFACT. You want to go out there and reach out to more people…AFACT is doing something great and giving people a chance to speak out too, when otherwise they couldn’t. We emerged from under.” -Gemma Gaudio

The mission of AFACT is to work from the faith principles and values of the members, apply those values to community issues, and take democratic action to impact existing social structures for the common good of all citizens, particularly the poor and disenfranchised.

The organization:

  • trains members of participating congregations in leadership and organizing skills through workshops, organizational meetings, one-to-one meetings,and Statewide Leadership Training, and
  • empowers congregation members to confront local issues which impact the lives of themselves and their neighbors and to gradually move to bring about changes in the structures and policies of the larger Anchorage area, thereby reducing inequities and injustices which exist, and
  • ensures that low- and moderate-income persons are included in decision making in the Municipality of Anchorage, especially when these decisions affect their lives or the lives of their families, and
  • works for the common good of all the citizens by choosing issues which affect the common good of the members of participating congregations, always aware of the demands of justice, fairness, inclusiveness, and other principles of faith and democracy.
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