Thank you for your service

Candace highlights the remarkable service from two longstanding Board members -- Morgan Christen and Susan Behlke Foley.

Community Foundations 101

On January 2, 1914, the world’s first community foundation was born. Frederick Goff,  an influential …

Donor Spotlight: Joyce & Jerry Klein

Joyce and Jerry Klein married September 6, 1974. After a few of work trips to Alaska, Jerry brought Joyce up and she too fell in love with our state. The two bought a house on

Scholarship Highlight: Sara Wise

Sara Wise plans to double major in Chinese language and International Studies. Her academic pursuits will take her far from Alaska and her alma mater of West High School - all the way to Indiana

Successful Leveled Readers

"Here is a picture of my kindergarten class after they have received all the books we ordered online from the grant money we received from ACF..." Jacqui Koyama shares her story.

Image of Reese Hanneman

Thank You AWOF & ACF

As a lifelong Alaskan, I have been inspired by so many that have come before me. Watching the Olympic athletes from our own state, and seeing the positive impacts they have had on our community