Ketchikan Community Foundation

In 2008, The Alaska Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Rasmuson Foundation, launched the CABI Program, also known as the Community Asset Building Initiative. Five Alaskan communities established community endowments with the intent to develop permanent assets and grow philanthropy throughout the State of Alaska. In 2013, four more Alaskan communities joined the 2008 cohort as Affiliates of The Alaska Community Foundation, including the community of Ketchikan.

The Ketchikan Community Foundation is a permanent fund for the Ketchikan region. Their vision for Ketchikan is a diversified local economy that provides family-supported employment, access to affordable housing and healthcare, a vibrant arts community, and multiple recreational and quality educational opportunities. Their long term goal is to attract and retain multi-generations of citizens while honoring and recognizing cultural diversity.

As a new Affiliate of ACF, the Ketchikan Community Foundation is forging a new path within their community. This summer, they debuted their first community newsletter. Visit their website and learn more about what the Ketchikan Community Foundation is doing for their hometown.