Champions for Charitable Giving

Last week, Beth Rose and I had the opportunity to visit two amazing communities that share both a geographic proximity and a strong sense of community.

Pull out your globe and you’ll see that Kodiak and Sitka fall along the 57th latitude. But they have so much more in common than geographic latitude. The Alaska Community Foundation has a unique relationship with residents in Kodiak and Sitka – both communities are part of our effort to create locally-advised, permanent endowments for sustained charitable giving. The Greater Sitka Legacy Fund and the Kodiak Community Foundation are both Affiliates of The Alaska Community Foundation.

Whether we were dining with the Advisory Board members of the Kodiak Community Foundation or the Greater Sitka Legacy Fund – there was a recurring theme that I heard over and over again…We have so much going on in our community!

I have to leave early because this weekend is the Rotary Bike Rodeo!

Youth sports season kicks off on Saturday!

Tonight, my children have a recital and end-of-the-year performance!

I’ll be there, but I might need to leave early because we’re going to the Juneau Lyric Opera!

Let me finish my garden chores, but I’ll join you soon!

Like much of Alaska, the pace of life accelerates as the hours of daylight increase. Fishing season is around the corner. The first “official” tourists and cruise ships should arrive this week. Teachers and students are wrapping-up another year of studies. Gardeners are patiently working the earth and caring for the tender shoots that have emerged from the soil…

We all have so much to do and so much happening in our communities. It is exciting, invigorating, energizing and – truthfully – maybe a little overwhelming. I was inspired by listening to the residents of Kodiak and Sitka as they shared their excitement for the upcoming summer and plans for the weeks and months that are ahead. So much to do and so much going on!

But there was one thing that I never heard in all of my conversations with community members:

I’m busy.

No one said, “I’m busy.”
Or – least of all — “I’m too busy.”

The willingness of Alaskans to step-in, lend a hand, roll-up-your-sleeves and get the job done is awesome!

To the amazing Advisory Board members and volunteers of the Greater Sitka Legacy Fund and Kodiak Community Foundation who are champions for charitable giving in your community – it is an honor and a privilege to join you in this effort! Thank you for sharing your passion and commitment to your community.

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