Our 2012 Annual Report

Stories create community, build society and define our shared culture. Our stories describe who we are and explain where we have come from. The stories we know about philanthropic giving are many and varied. They are stories of a volunteer who paints sets for a local theater production and makes a financial gift every year; stories of a child who asks for cans of soup to give to a food bank instead of presents for his birthday; stories of a neighbor who hunts and shares his moose harvest with families in need; and, stories of community members who bequest their entire estates to the communities they love. As Alaskans, we have many of these stories … stories of impact, of community and of giving back; however, too often they are not shared.

Excerpt from Our Community at Work – a letter from ACF President & CEO Candace Winkler and 2012 ACF Board of Directors Chair Susan Behlke Foley.

Download our 2012 Annual Report.