Better Together

More and more Alaskans are choosing to give together to make a lasting impact in our state by contributing to a permanent charitable endowment called the Alaska Fund.

Growing the Alaska Fund is a core part of The Alaska Community Foundation’s $50 million campaign to increase donations to unrestricted funds and local community foundation funds. For Alaskans who love this great state and want to make a lasting difference, the Alaska Fund makes it easy to do so. Community-minded Alaskans are choosing to give to this fund through current gifts, as well as through their wills and retirement accounts.

For the last several years, grants from the Alaska Fund have been awarded to organizations that provide food, shelter and clothing, and support for teen suicide prevention efforts. The Alaska Fund provides the maximum flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing needs of our state. While no one can predict what the future will hold, the purpose of this fund is to ensure that generations to come will have resources to address our state’s needs and opportunities.


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