Alaska Sea Life Center Announces Endowment Fund

The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) is pleased to announce the creation of the Alaska SeaLife Center Endowment Fund. A Board of Directors member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated stock establishing an endowment fund with the Alaska Community Foundation (ACF). The Alaska SeaLife Center Endowment Fund will support the ASLC in achieving its mission of generating and sharing scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems.

Specifically, endowment funds generate a predictable stream of income for a nonprofit organization like ASLC, leaving a majority of the assets to grow in perpetuity. An endowment offers the flexibility to meet ASLC’s immediate needs while ensuring assets are always preserved for our long-term mission. The ACF protects the fund’s assets from being spent for any other purpose.

Instead of just focusing on meeting our funding needs today, we are focusing on being here tomorrow. By establishing an endowment we are building a source of unrestricted operating revenue that will support us forever.

ASLC President and CEO Dr. Tara Riemer.

For example, your gift today will be invested by the ACF and will earn returns every year from the moment you make it. That means a gift of $1,000 today is a gift of $50 every year permanently to the Alaska SeaLife Center.

The Alaska SeaLife Endowment Fund welcomes gifts of all kinds including cash, bequests, stock, real estate, life insurance and retirement assets. Gifts can be made online through the ACF at or by calling (907) 334-6700.