ACF Affiliate Awards Grants

The Jessica Stevens Community Foundation supports 10 nonprofits

I recently attended the Jessica Stevens Community Foundation (JSCF) grants award event at the Live at Five Concert Series in Talkeetna. It was the final concert to end a wonderful summer for the small town, and the locals didn’t seem to mind the quick downpour of rain because as soon as it started, the clouds fell away and the sun stayed out for the rest of the evening.

It’s an eccentric town full of art, music, crafts, food, and a lively group of community members. The Pavilion was filled with people; locals from surrounding areas, tourists, and campers, all there to enjoy Labor Day weekend, and dance and sway to the music. Dogs ran about off-leash and kids splashed in puddles with their rain boots. It is just the type of atmosphere that brings people together, and the perfect place for our local Affiliate to give support to area nonprofits. I was introduced to grantees, new and old, and many other folks, that happily shook my hand and thanked me for being a part of The Alaska Community Foundation and for investing in their organizations. I was in constant conversation and didn’t notice how fast the time went by.

At 6:30 p.m., JSCF announced this year’s grants for 10 nonprofits, which received a total of $12,000 this year. As local organizations spoke about the benefit that the grants will have in making their home a healthier one to live in, I was most impacted by the gratitude expressed and the gratitude that was reciprocated back by the audience. In Talkeetna, people support and know their nonprofits. There’s real heart in what folks do here, what they invest in – with their time, energy, and contributions. They are a devoted and giving community!

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