Annual Report



To love Alaska is to live here. In all our complexities, we share the common goal to preserve the beauty and eccentricities of what can only be defined as a sacred place. Collectively we feel the pains of growth, celebrate the successes of our communities, and endeavor to build a better place for the next generation.

It is our love of Alaska and shared purpose to make a better future that gives us strength. By building philanthropy, through our support of nonprofit organizations, and in our leadership of programs focused on locally driven grants, together we are making a difference for tens of thousands of individuals and families in Alaska.

Thanks to your support,  in 2019 we awarded 117 students scholarships worth nearly $400,000 and granted out over $9 million to nonprofits organizations across the state. Pick.Click.Give. celebrated its 10th year and once again provided nonprofits a sustainable means to connect with donors and bring awareness to their important causes. The Affiliate program afforded cities and regions across the state the power to focus grants on the unique needs of their communities. These accomplishments are a result of the generosity of Alaskans that endeavor to cultivate and improve their communities and leave a legacy of which they can be proud.

It is our honor to steward the dreams and hopes of our fellow Alaskans. We thank our community and corporate partners, board members, and staff who have made such great strides toward solving the challenges we face as a state. We extend special gratitude to our donors who passionately support the causes they believe in. Together we are working to overcome obstacles and invest in brighter times ahead. 

Jim Palmer
Board Chair

Nina Kemppel
President & CEO


Every Alaskan acts on the power
of giving together.


Impact: We are dedicated to partnering with donors, grantees, and Alaskans to strengthen our Alaskan communities.

Inclusion: We are strengthened by Alaska’s diversity and aspire to be inclusive of all voices.

Service: We are dedicated to serving our donors, partners, and all Alaskans with excellent customer service.

Legacy: We believe in the power of endowments to create lasting change for the benefit of Alaska.

Collaboration: We bring together people, ideas, and resources to make lasting improvements, respecting that local communities know how to best address their needs.

Forward-Looking: We believe in the power of long-term community investments to create lasting change for the benefit of future generations of Alaskans.

Integrity: We are responsible stewards, demonstrating transparency and accountability, and providing excellent customer service in our operations and programs.

Board of Directors


Fairbanks is a place of contrasts: light and dark, snow and sun, cold and warm. The warm summers create 80+ degree weather regularly, and block heater stations are needed across town to ensure cars don’t freeze in the winter. Something consistent, regardless of the season, is the generosity of Fairbanksans.

Their generous support, coupled with the need for long-term, sustainable resources for Fairbanks area communities and nonprofits, is why the Golden Heart Community Foundation (GHCF) was established. In 2013, GHCF became an Affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation. Since its inception, GHCF donors have raised more than $900,000 in endowed funds. Earnings from these funds will be reinvested in local nonprofits that strengthen and provide sustainable resources for Fairbanks into the future.

In 2019, GHCF made a total of $19,000 in grant awards to 9 charitable organizations that serve Fairbanks area communities. Grants were made to the Literacy Council of Alaska, Alaska Songbird Institute, Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska, Downtown Association of Fairbanks, Fairbanks Arts Association, Fairbanks Children’s Museum, Fairbanks Community Food Bank, Love In the Name of Christ, and The Folk School. Grants are made by the GHCF Advisory Board and Grants Committee, all local volunteers.

Through a symbiotic and collaborative partnership with ACF, GHCF connects to and grows from a network of statewide community foundations through the Affiliate Program. Affiliates are core to ACF’s mission to inspire the spirit of giving across the state. Affiliates provide ACF with on the ground expertise. They advise on directing resources from local, state, and regional funders to their communities’ charitable organizations.

Affiliates receive substantial support from ACF and Rasmuson Foundation, the Affiliate Program’s champion partner since 2008.

“Fairbanks has been a great home to me and my family for the past 40+ years. The Golden Heart Community Foundation is the best way to make sure that this wonderful place is better than when I “found it” and will be even better for generations to come. Our donors and volunteers share that vision and it’s a privilege to work towards that common goal of taking care of the place that we love.”

Fairbanks Community Food Bank 

Alaska Songbird Institute 

Literacy Council of Alaska 

Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska

Growing Philanthropy Across Alaska

Community Directed Grantmaking that Gives Power to the People

2019 Affiliate Communities

$2,934,200 contributed by 25,583 Alaskans to 621 nonprofits


Between 2009 and 2020, Pick.Click.Give. (PCG) has been a uniquely Alaskan platform of over $26.7 million in support of 600+ unique nonprofits across Alaska. The PCG program promotes philanthropy in Alaska by enhancing the awareness of the do each year, increases the number of Alaskans who engage in philanthropy, and promotes the benefits of the philanthropic sector statewide.

In 2020, total PCG contributions totaled $2,934,200 donated by 25,583 generous Alaskans to 621 individual nonprofits. The average total donation amount per person was $114.69. On average, each donor gave 11.5% of their PFD to charity through the program.

Pick.Click.Give. continues to be a sustainable fundraising platform for hundreds of nonprofits across the state, and an easy way for individuals and families to give.


Faren Myre


Mountain Village


Devan Otton




Dezirae Wiley




Kiki Moua




RaeAnn Tikiun


Eagle River








In recent years, the value of education has become increasingly important. However, not every student has the same academic needs, interests, and goals. The JJ Klein Scholarship offers opportunities for college academics and technical training allowing students to prioritize their specific skills and personal goals. This empowers them to follow their own path in life.

The scholarship was generously established in 2014 by Joyce and Jerry Klein as part of their legacy to Alaska. The scholarship fund supports Alaskan students seeking post-secondary education. The award is open to graduating high school seniors and students already pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited college, university, or vocational school.

Since 2014, the scholarship has awarded $188,000 in support to 23 students. Each student received $5,000 to $10,000 in financial support.

Imagine what this means to students, their families, and the communities that will benefit from their knowledge and talents. The generosity of one family has created a ripple of goodwill and a legacy of hope for the future.

With 64 scholarships available at ACF, there are many opportunities for many students to further their education and learn critical skills.

Alaska Botanical Garden

One Family’s Botanical Garden Story

There is truly something for everyone at the Alaska Botanical Garden, whether it is exploring the gardens and trails or participating in one of the many educational opportunities available to youth and adults. These programs can have profound and lasting impacts, as I discovered when I signed up for the 2019 Guided Gardener program.

Under the guidance of the knowledgeable staff, we went from knowing nothing about gardening to a family who grew, maintained, and harvested a bountiful crop in the fall. It used to be a struggle to get our oldest to eat vegetables, but by summer’s end that was no longer the case. He developed a genuine and vested interest in all phases of gardening. But the benefit that brought me the most unexpected joy was my family found an activity we could all enjoy together.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and as a result, have limited mobility. I cannot go on hikes with my family, but I am able to share my love of nature and being outdoors with them through gardening and visits to the ABG. When the program was offered again in 2020, we made sure to sign up. Guided Gardener has given my family so many gifts, and I am forever grateful to the wonderful staff at the Alaska Botanical Garden.

-Nan Voorhees

Nan Voorhees and Son




As steward to 110 acres of boreal forest, eight acres of cultivated gardens, and interconnecting nature trails, the Alaska Botanical Garden is a place to find tranquility in a fast paced world.

A visual cadence and harmony remind visitors how connected we are to the majesty that surrounds us. Fractals of intertwining tree branches mimic the creases on the palm of our hands. The spirals of fiddlehead ferns liken the cowlick on a baby’s temple, and the Alaskan violets sparkle like mischievous blue eyes in the sunshine. Over 150 species of Alaskan plants bring pollinators that have evolved in harmony. They too echo the shapes and colors that envelop your senses as you explore the Garden.

With trailside, perennial, herb, and heritage gardens, to name just a few, there is something for everyone. But the Garden is much more than flowers. It is a place for children and families to learn about horticulture and understand conservation. It offers meeting spaces and celebrates local artists. It brings people together and provides a quiet, contemplative place to settle the mind and feed the soul.

Alaska Botanical Garden has three funds with The Alaska Community Foundation, which help maintain and nurture this homage to all the beauty Alaska has to offer. In 2019 they created the Alaska Botanical Garden Endowment and Non-Endowed Funds to support the Garden’s founders’ intent to create a world-class garden to promote the value of plants to society.

Camp Fire Alaska

Every child should have the opportunity to discover the best in themselves and others.

Since 1913, Camp Fire Alaska has been an organization dedicated to nurturing youth. At Camp Fire today, children learn to develop self-confidence by challenging themselves, exploring their environment, and building healthy relationships. Camp Fire Alaska is a leader in the youth development and serves more than 5,000 youth every year through four key programs. This includes before and after school programs, three summer camps, and rural Alaska summer camps.

In 2019, ACF awarded Camp Fire Alaska three grants to support their contribution to Alaska’s youth including a grant to help with needed childcare after the November 7th earthquake.  In addition, the Alaska Women’s Giving Circle Donor Advised Fund at ACF choose to collectively donate to Campfire to help provide summer camp scholarships for youth.

Our funding supports three summer camps include Camp Si-La-Meo which is located on the campus of Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage and serves youth ages 5-13.  Camp K on Kenai Lake is Alaska’s longest-running co-ed, nonsectarian, ACA accredited resident camp in Alaska and serves over 700 youth each summer including several sessions for youth who face mental, emotional, or physical challenges. Summer Adventure is the most flexible camp and runs all day at three elementary schools in Anchorage and Eagle River. Children can join for just one day or the whole summer.



You can’t put a price on consistency and love for a child, but you can put a name to it—it’s Camp Fire.




The Alaska Community Foundation is honored to support Catholic Social Services’ Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services (RAIS) that empowers immigrants and refugees moving to Alaska to make a better life. ACF’s Social Justice Fund granted assistance to the Working Alongside Refugees in Mental Health (WARM) project to help local mental health professionals provide effective mental health services to immigrants in Anchorage. National experts traveled to Alaska to provide 8-hour in-person training to enhance healthcare providers’ capacity to customize care to the unique needs of immigrants. In total, 68 providers attended the training. The provider’s confidence significantly increased after each workshop and their perceived barriers were broken down to allow them to better connect with immigrants under their care. The WARM project and results were selected to be presented at the International Conference of Community Psychology in 2020.

WARM is just one part of the Catholic Social Service’s Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services program (RAIS). RAIS provides a bridge for individuals who have had to flee their countries of origin due to the tragedies of persecution and war to the new skills required for success in the United States. Through a focus on economic self-sufficiency, community integration, and respect for unique cultures, history, and traditions, RAIS creates an environment of compassion and encouragement for refugees to flourish. 

“RAIS understands that the work of welcoming refugee communities can only be accomplished through relationships with community partners. The Working Alongside Refugees in Mental Health (WARM), represents a community approach to ensuring that our newest Alaskans receive culturally-informed mental health care across Alaska,” said Issa Spatrisan, Program Director and State Refugee Coordinator RAIS. “RAIS leveraged national expertise in refugee resettlement, and with Dr. Sara Buckingham of UAA, brought research and refugee mental health expertise.”

“This was my first exposure to Narrative Exposure Therapy. As an individual who comes from a collective “storytelling” people, this model makes a lot of sense as to the importance of fine details, hot and cold memories, and it’s relevance to understanding a significant event.”


The Marston Family

Giving together as a family not only affords your family the chance to work on issues that inspire collective passion, it also provides an opportunity to learn more about, appreciate, and carry on an ancestral vision for a better world.

The Marston family has been a part of Alaska’s fabric since 1941 when Major Marvin Marston was offered a commission to be a morale officer for the new base at Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Airfield.

Marston was nothing short of ambitious, and his love for Alaska inspired his passions. He organized the Alaska Territorial Guard and served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1955. He was an advocate for native land rights and was given the name Muktuk for his kinship and mutual respect for Alaska’s native peoples.

Marston’s food security concerns inspired him to promote potato farming as a suitable food source in the village of Unalakleet where he resided after the war. Few saw value in farming, however, with time this additional source of food and income demonstrated its importance to the local community.

Marston’s legacy is profound, but the most important thing he did was share his passion for giving back with his family. His dedication to supporting the interests of Alaska Native people and his love for the state are now carried on by his family, who created the Marston Family Foundation to continue supporting his vision for western Alaska.

The notion of a community foundation is to establish something forever. In 2013, The Alaska Community Foundation was honored to become the steward of the Marston Family Foundation Fund. This partnership supports the family in their goal to carry on Muktuk Marston’s giving spirit.

So, when Unalakleet local Jason Harris contacted ACF to inquire about getting funding to rebuild the potato gardens of Unalakleet, Marston’s granddaughter Blythe was able to bring her grandfather’s generosity full circle. Jason’s telling of the story is by far the best way to share this amazing testament to the legacy of Marvin “Muktuk” Marston and the shared family goal of giving back.

Marvin “Muktuk” Marston and Senator William Beltz examining first potato crop.


I had heard about a person coming around to the villages to help get community gardens going back when I was a teacher in Koyuk. I found Marston’s book “Men of the Tundra” in the school library. The chapter that resonated with me was entitled Fish and Chips are Great. It tapped into my desire for a self-sustaining lifestyle and, more importantly, self-sufficient rural Alaskan communities. I found myself nodding my head in agreement while reading it. Muktuk understood the world I lived in. 

COVID-19 came around, and talk of food shortages came up in everyday conversations around our house. COVID was the catalyst that pushed my wife and me to action. I reached out to The Alaska Community Foundation to contact the Marston Foundation Fund with somewhat of a Hail Mary… we were way past the deadline for any grant money and then was shocked to get a call from Marston’s granddaughter Blythe Marston later that day.

The project took off and was up and running before we knew it. I am amazed every day. The miracle of putting a potato in the ground and watching it grow into a lush, green plant only further exemplifies its miraculous nature. I am humbled that I have been allowed to play a small part in this project.

Now, our little group is talking about growing the project. We are making plans for next year already and how we want to continue and expand the effort.

– Jason Harris, Project Advocate, Teacher, and Writer

Modern day potato garden project

Grants and Scholarships

Fund Types

52 new funds were created to support nonprofits and the philanthropic goals of individuals, families, and organizations. There are many types of funds, each with their own value and purpose. Some funds created in 2019 include:

  • Ruth Hart Endowment Fund – The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts (ACPA) established this agency fund with the proceeds and direction from Ruth’s estate. She was a long-time patron of the arts and supporter of the ACPA who wanted to benefit the Sydney Laurence Theater in perpetuity.

  • The Jack and Nona Renn Football Fund – In memory of Jack and in honor of the decades of service he and Nona gave to high school sports, Nona set-up this non-endowed designated fund to help Anchorage school football teams succeed now and in the future. 

  • Walter J. and Ermalee Hickel Alaska Fund II – With the settlement of Ermalee’s estate plan, this endowed field of interest fund was created based on instructions she left with her attorney. The fund will forever support the causes that were important to the pioneering Alaskan couple.

  • The Liam Hood Memorial Scholarship Fund – A fund to honor the memory of a life taken too soon and carry on the hopes and dreams of a young man just getting started at life.

  • The GCI Scholarship Program Fund – Created in 2019 to annually award students with scholarships to help them in their journey to higher learning.

Fund Summary

Charitable Assets at ACF

With contributions from donors and fundholders in 2019, we reached and exceeded $110 million in assets. It was only five short years ago that we celebrated $80 million, a feat that had taken twenty years. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to steward these assets to positively impact Alaska.

ACF Financial Reports



A Celebration of 2019 Donors

In 2019, 2,825 donations were made to the causes that mattered to Alaskans.

There are many ways to give.  From the $25 gift made via Pick. Click. Give. to a favorite charity, to the $500 on-line donation to ACF’s Annual Fund, to the $10,000 distributed from an IRA to an Affiliate endowed fund, to the $500,000 bequest from an estate to the Field of Interest fund established years ago via legacy planning, every contribution makes a difference. All donations are pooled and invested to increase the overall impact of every fund and project. We are truly stronger together.

Includes Donors and Agencies that made Donations to their own funds

2019 Donors
Roxanne Abajian
Nancy Abbott
Rick Abbott and Hope Wing
ABR, Inc
Sherry Abrahams
Steve and Carol Adamczak
Cynthia Adams
Kathleen Adams
Robert and Lynda Adams
Robert and Aleta Adkins
Adventure Sixty North
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
Alaska Children’s Trust
Alaska Family Services
Alaska Fjordlines Inc.
Alaska Historical Society
Alaska Kidney Foundation
Alaska Kidney Patients Association
Alaska Liquor Store
Alaska Nature Guides
Alaska Pest Management
Alaska Raptor Center
Alaska SeaLife Center
Alaska Speedskating Club
Alaska Wildlands Adventures
Alaska Wildsides, Inc.
Lisa Albert-Konecky
Taralee Alcock
Bill and Sharon Allen
Cynthia Allen
Dave and Lauren Allen
Robert Allen and Robin Sherman
Virginia Allen
Theresa Allen-Olson and Charles Olson
Catherine Allgood-Mellema
Alpine Real Estate
Ilana Amason
Akewamahovi Amosu
Anchorage Park Foundation
Sally Andersen and Michael Wald
James Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Linda Anderson and Stephen G. Frank
Lougie Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Mark and Andria Anderson
Mary Ellen Anderson
Nancy and Brandon Anderson
Susan Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Adam Andis and Bayla Arietta
Mark Andrews and Cheryl Keepers
Susan Andrews and John Creed
Lisa and Thomas Andriesen
Judi Andrijanoff
Susana Arias
Armed Services YMCA of the USA
Hans Arnett
Teri and Charles Arnold
Melissa Aronson
Glenn A. Arundell and Barbara Beeman
Shane and Anna Atchison
Robert Atkinson
Rose Marie Atkinson
Atwood Foundation
Auklet Charter Services
Harry and Erin Aulman
Ginny and Alan Austerman
William Babylon
Andy Bacon
Callie Bacon
Austin Badger
Albert and Crystal Badgley
Carlyle Bailey
Jeffrey Baird
Robert W. Baird and Co. Incorporated
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Betsy Berryman Baker
Frank Baker
Timothy Ballard
Richard Balnis
Marcia Bandy
William Bankston and Frances Talbott
Robert Barbour
Dot and Linnie Bardarson
Thomas and Sheila Barrett
Jean Bartos
Robert “Beau” Bassett
Teri Bastable-Podsiki
Mark Battaion and Kristin Hathhorn
Gary and Barbara Baugh
Kathleen Beaty
Robert Beaulieu
Joseph and Leslie Becia
Alexandra Becker
Celeste Beck-Goodell
Becky’s Place Haven of Hope
Vera Bedard
Robert and April Beedle
Mark Begich
Susan Behlke Foley
Albert and Rebecca Bell
Genevieve Bell
Annie Belts
Edward Bennett
Linda Benson
Marcie and Dan Bentti
Julie and Tony Berberich
William and Joyce Bergmann
Melissa Berman
Anissa Berry
Nancy Bertino
Judy A. Besh and Donald G. Clary
Charles Bettisworth and Karen Perdue
Bettisworth North Architects and Planners Inc.
Anne Biberman and Terry Duszynski
B.L. Bigelow
Lucy Bikulcs and Mark Lusch
Daniel Billman
Nancy Bird
Sarah Birdsall
Jonathan Birdsong
Herb Bischoff and Jackie Schakel
Mary Anne Bishop
North Bishop
Ronald and Sherry Black
Edwin and Merry Blair
Lisa Blake
Joslyn Blanchard
Patricia Blank
B-Line Construction
Richard L and Diane M Block Foundation
Barbara and Gerald Blood
Jill Blumberg
Jeff Bochart
Lyra Bochenek
Stephen Boehlert
Sharon Boko
Leah Boltz
Deborah Bonito
David and Kathleen Boochever
Linda Boochever and John Schwartz
Kate and Stan Boor
Douglas and Olga Borland
Jeremy Botz and Krysta Williams
Jamie Bourque
Judith Bowersox
Anne Boyce and Paul Swift
Jasmine Boyle
Gerald and Lisa Boyles
BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.
Barry and Kathleen Bracken
Kylie Bradley
Molly Bradley
Timothy and Abby Bradley
Avery and Erin Bradshaw
Gregory Bragiel
Harvey and Kathleen Brandt
Patricia Branson and Gordon Gould
James and Lani Brennan
Hannah Brewster
Ronald and Lorree Brey
Sam and Theresa Brice
Colleen Bridge
Bridges Community Resource Network, Inc.
Brigham A. McCown
Camille Brill
Greg and Luann Brittenham
Deborah Brocke and Jeff Robinson
Arlene G. Brooks
Emma Grace Brooks
Grace Brooks
Katie and Ryan Brooks
Regan Brooks
Karen and Charles Brophy
William Broste
Alan Brown
Benjamin Brown
Joel and Terry Brown
Laree M Brown
Robert G. Brown and Karen P. Brown
Thomas and Susan Brown
John and Louise Brubaker
Christa Bruce-Kotrc
Sigrid Brudie
Audrey Brumback
Susan Brusehaber
Sean Bryant
Scott and Cleo Brylinsky
Steve Buckley
Jeff Budd
Sen. Con Bunde and Becky Patterson Bunde
Thomas Bundtzen
Sam and Linda Bunge
Betsy Burdett
Kaley Burk
James Burkholder
Dave Burleigh
Brian Burnett
Deette Burnett
Christopher and Georgia Burns
Marsha Burns
Steven and Desiree Burrell
Wendy Burril
Julia Burrows
Linda Bursiel
Ellen Burton and Donald Okerlund
Lisa Busch
Larry and Jane Buskirk
Leo Bustad
Brian and Angela Butler
Cindy Buxton and Russ White
Christopher Byrd
Patricia Byrne
Beverly Caldwell
Donald and Hana Callaghan
Sara Callaghan Chapell and Richard Chapell
Larry Calvin
Gabe Camacho
Andrew Cameron
Drew Cameron
Camilla Pfeiffer
Judy Caminer and Roger Marks
Camp Fire Alaska
C. Keith and Jacqueline Campbell
Norman and Toby Campbell
Lauren Caraghar
Dennis and Bobbie Carlson
Carolyn Carpenter
Kristin Carpenter
The Carr Foundation
Sky Carver
Cascade Centre
Carey Case
Barbara and Larry Cash
Charles and Robyn Cassidy
Lindsey Cassidy
Brynn and Kevin Castle
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Tonya Caylor
The Tim and Barb Cerny Foundation
Michael and Marna Cessnun
Mavis Chan
Brooks Chandler
Emily Chapel
Dylan Chapell
Lucia Chapell
Sally Chapell
Norbert and Diana Chaudhary
David Cheezem and Melissa Behnke
Donald Chen
Jann Chen
Patricia Chesbro
William and Kim Chetney
Eric Chi
Chilkat Restaurant and Bakery
Chilkat Valley Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Arva Chiu
Jessie Chmielowski
Judge Morgan Christen and James Torgerson
Judith Christiansen
Sharilyn Christiansen and Joseph Hoon
Chugach Alaska Corporation
Chugiak-Eagle River Nordic Ski Club
The CIRI Foundation
Charlotte Ciszek and Michael Bradac
City of Fairbanks
Joel Cladouhos
Matt Claman and Lisa Rieger
Clarence and Janet Clark
Ian Clark and Clarence
Clark and Green Associates
Judith Clark Heinmiller
James Claypool
Kyle Clayton
Lee and Margo Clayton
Larry Cleland
The Cliffhanger LLC
Cindy and Raymond Clock
Lee Close
Tania Clucas
Wayne and Roxanne Cobb
Cecelia Coenen
Carrie Cofer
Catherine Coffey
Tracie Cogdill
Kerry and Gershon Cohen
Emily Cohn
Stig and Kelin Colberg
Vanessa Collier
Mary and Dale Collins
Richard and Bonnie Collins
Joseph and Gena Columbus
Sabrena and David Combs
Community Connections
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.
Jeff and Susan Cook
Michael and Sharon Cook
Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Sharla Coon
Alexis Cooper
Brianna Cooper
Travis Cooper
Omar Cordes
Cordova Telephone Cooperative
Cordova Wireless Communications, LLC
Donald Cornelius
Karen Cornelius
Marci Cornell
Andrew Corr
Denis Salvador Corral
Tom Cosgrove
Trisha Costello
Lamar Cotten
April and Jeremy Counceller
Ray and Mary Couvillion
Covenant House Alaska
Carolyn and Bob Covington
Angela Cox
Agnes Coyle
Katharine Cramer
Martha Crane and Matt Lightner
Marcela Credito
Laura Creighton
Kathy and Chris Crenshaw
Chancy Croft
Jay Croft
Patrick Cronin and Maria-Hansen Cronin
Dale Crowell
Mike Cruise
CSG, Inc.
Darsie and Courtney Culbeck
Joyce Cummings
Robert Cummings
Aryn Cunningham
Victoria and Dick Curran
Clyde and Jean Curry
Julianne Curry
Lisa Curtis
David and Marlene Cushing
Margaret and Jason Custer
Ann Dagnillo
Mary Lynne and James Dahl
Elaine Dahlgren
Camilla and Mark Dalton
Brenda Dates Campen
Emily Davies and Tony DeGange
Deborah Davis
Forrest Davis
Michael Davis
Norman Davis
Thomas and Laura Davis
Thomas and Linda Davis
Wendy Davis
Dawson Construction
Rita De La Torre
Barry Dearborn
Scott DeBerard
Lois DeBoer
John Decherney
Nancy Decherney
Julie Decker
Andrew Degen and Sandra June-Degen
Leslie Delaney
Jamie Delman
Lisa Demer
Denali Education Center
Carole Denkinger
Larry Derby and Rebecca Wilson
Robin Dern
Kristin DeSmith
Tina Devine
Allison Devore
Jay Devore
Charles and Toni Dewitt
Estate of Donald Dewitt
Charlie Dexter
Susan Deyoe and Jeff Lebegue
Jeffrey and Nancy Dickrell
Barbara Dieckgraeff
Emma Rose Dieter
John Diliberto
Karen Dillman
Hazel Dima
Dimond Center Holdings LLC
Sam and Emily Dinges
Dawn Dinwoodie and Rod Worl
Dirtworks, Inc
Diane DiSanto
Judy Divinyi
Dixie State University
James Dixon
Scott Doddridge
Julie Dodds
Barbara Donatelli
Amy Doogan
Craig Dorman
James Dorn
Katherine Dougherty
Carol Douthat
Dowl LLC
Cody Downs
Doyon, Limited
Carol and John Drake
Judith Dresser
Barbara Dubovich
Brooke Dudley
Darcy Dugan
John R. and Carol Duis
Forrest Dunbar
Marcus Dunbar
William and Carolyn Duncan
Edward Duncombe and Marian Uhlman
Ruben and Pamela Duran
Greg and Shari Durocher
Brian and Sandy Durrell
Jim and Margaret Durst
John and Eileen Eavis
Robert and Deborah Eckley
Laura Edmondson
Brent and Valerie Edwards
Jessica Edwards
Scott and Iwona Edwards
Ann Nora Ehret
Heidi Ekstrand
Ivy Elliot
Karen Elliot and Lou Steffey
Raymond Ellis
Moezeldin Elmostafa and Sara Abbas-hamid
Andrew Elsberg and Shannon Brockman
Thomas Ely
Travis England
Catherine Engstrom Munoz
Catherine Erickson
Susan Erickson
Sharon Ermold
Kathryn Ernst
Alonso Escalante
Cecelia Esparza
Glenn Estabrook
Mary Evans
Leslie Evenden
Launi and Pete Evenson
Everts Air Fuel, Inc.
Judith Ewald
Exit Glacier Guides
Hedwig Faber
Ruth Fairall
Fairbanks Arts Association
Fairbanks Curling Lions
Fairweather Ski Works
Michael Falvey and Elizabeth Marantz
Bernard Federspiel
Emily Fehrenbacher
Brad Feld
Jeff Feldman
Melody Feniks
Feniks and Company, LLC
Christina Fenner
Graham and Lauren Fernandes
Fidelity Charitable
Naphtali and Aaron Fields-Forbes
Esmee Figueroa
Krista Finch
Natalie Finn
William Finnegan
First American Title Insurance – Homer
First Bank
First National Bank Alaska
Jim Fischer
Fish Inc.
Paul and Hazel Fisher
Ryan Fisher
Ute Fitzgerald
Johnathan and Christina Fitzgibbons
Ann Fitzmaurice
Mark Flanagan
John Fleming
Martha Fleming
Timothy Fleming
Molly and David Fletcher
Casey Flint
Charles and Susan Flint
Holli Flint
Heather Flynn
Joseph Fong
Mary Forbes
Kevin and Margaret Foster
William Foster
Sofia Fouquet
Robert and Christy Fowler
Karen Fox
Eleanor Franke
Fred Meyer Fund (Kroger)
James Fredrickson
Jane Freeman
Arthur French
Richard Friedman
Friends of the Talkeetna Library
Carol Frost
Milbia Fuller
Kris and John Fulton
Suzanne Fuqua
Sherry Furlong
Penny Gage
Elliott and Janel Gagnon
Susan Gainey
Brit and Jerrod Galanin
Nicholas Galanin
Pirie Gall
Molly Gallagher
Melissa Gandel
Ashlyn Ganey
Brinley Ganey
Melissa Ganey
Terry and Linda Gardiner
Gail Gardner
John Garner
Anne Garrett
Dennis Geasan
Marcella Gelhaus
Glenn Gellert and Wendy Long Gellert
Kathy and Daniel Gensel
Georgia Blue Gallery
Barbara Gerard
Greg and Jonna Gerboth
Marie Gerdich
Robert Gerik
Brad Gessner
GHEMM Company
Corinne Gibble
Adam Gibbons and Ingrid Mesa
John and Melissa Bowden Gibbons
Lile Gibbons
Ron and Patt Gibbs
Nancy Gibert
Sally Gibert
Glenda Gilbert
Shawn Gilman
Alice Qannik Glenn
Clara Glotfelty
Joseph Godles
Corey Goheen
Henry Goldberg
Anita Golton
The GoodCoin Foundation
Gregory and Carole Goodman
H. Penny Goodstein
Michael Goodwin and Cathy Rezabeck
Anne Gore
Carol Gore
Katherine Gottlieb
Kevin Gottlieb
David Gottstein
James Gottstein
Terrie Gottstein
Chelsea Goucher
Michael Gould
Jodi Gouwens
Kevin Gover
Robyn and Philip Grad
Gary Graham
Henry Grant
Madeleine Grant and Doug Miller
Wyan Grant
Grantmakers in Health
James Graupmann and Diane Ziegner
Deborah Gravel and Peter Dwyer
Don Gray
Kevin and Dawn Gray
Steve and Mary Gray
Great Northern Asset Management, LLC
Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
Kristen Green and Monty Mykolas
Trevor Green
Rachel Greenberg
Nanette Greenlee
Harvey and Evelyn Greenwald
Gregg Enterprises LLC
Delenora Grey
Jared Griffin
Lura Griffiths
Alan and Monica Gross
Carol Gross
Karen Grussendorf
Maureen and Doug Gualtieri
Diane Gubatayao
Mardell Gunn and Mark Kistler
Carol Gustafson
Jack Guthman
Julianna Guy
Audrey Haberman
Adam Hackett
Phyllis Hackett
Amy Haddow
Carolyn Hahn
Michelle Hahn O’Leary
Haines Education Association
Lindsey Hajduk
Athena Haley
Jess Haley
Thomas and Sally Hall
Tiffany Hall
Randy and Jane Hall Field
Gary Halmstad
Allegra Hamer
Barbara Hames
Brian Hames
Roger and Mary Hames
Marguerite Anne Haney
Amy Hankins
Owen Hanley
Lynne Hannah
Dennis and Paula Hansell
Vincent and Jansy Hansen
Nancy Hanson
Sandra Hanson
Trevor Harang
Harborside, Inc
David Harding
John Hardwick
Paulla Hardy
Richard Harland
Harren Wendell
Heather and Joshua Harris
Lea Harris
Thomas and Katherine Harrison
Deborah Hart
Dan Harter
Wendy Harter
Jim and Sandra Haselberger
Marcia and Douglas Hastings
Arne Hatch and Melody Spangler – Hatch
Elizabeth Hatton
George and Aase Haugen
Shannon Haugland
James and Patricia Haugom
Hannah Hawkins
Jana Hayenga
Suzanne Hayes
Edward and Yuko Hays
Michael Hayward
Jeffrey and Terri Hazlewood
Andrew Hedden
Bonnie Hedrick
Lisa Heffernan
Joe Heinemann
Sylvia Heinz
Kristi Helgen
Dorothy Helm
James and Nancy Hemsath
Cynthia Hendel
Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca and Tod Henderson
Mark Hendsbee
Barbara Henjum
John Hennessy
Lee Henrikson and Michael Chmielewski
Alissa Henry
Daniel Henry
Michelle Hensel and Robb Reeg
Abigail and William Hensley
Laurie Herman
Kris Hermanns
Kristin Heusser
Duane and Carol Heyman
Elizabeth and Tom Heywood
Leslie and Melva Hiatt
Hickel Investment Company
Walter J Hickel Marital Trust
Andrea Hieronymus
Gregory and Shannon Higgins
Shelley Higgins
Roger and Cecelia Higley
Alisha Hilde
Erik and Robin Hill
Mara and Emma Hill
Hill Bar
David Hilty
Rebecca Himschoot
Matthew Hirschfeld
Hitchcock Piano Studio
John Hoag
Lynn Hohl
Ronald and Mary Holbrook
Dorothy Holm
Claudia Holmes
Judith Holmes
Kathryn Holmes and Timothy Shields
Matt Holmes
Ramona Holmes
Susan Holmes
Meghan Holtan
Joseph and Cheryl Homme
Barbara Hood and Dirk Sisson
Lee Hood
Myron and Sue Hood
Russell, Julie and Natalie Hood
Hoop ‘N Hula Milk ‘N Cookies
Sharon Horn
Markus Horning
Dr. Morris and Lorrie Horning
David Horvitz
James M. Housley
Joshua Houston
Peggy and Paul Hovik
Beth Howard
Susan Howard
Helen Howarth
Howsers IGA Supermarket
James and Rhonda Hubbard
Al Hubler
Barbara Hubler
Caroline Hudnall
Patrice Huettl
Lyle and Lauran Huff
Kim Hughes
Norman Hughes
R.M. Huhndorf and Company
Linda Hulbert
H Daniel Hull and Nancy Pease
Robert Jr. and Kimberley Hunter
Sharon Hunter
Leon Huntington
Huntley and Associates
Jerry Hupp and Gail Volt
Teresa and Larry Hura
J. Scott and Jean Husband
Warren and Mary Huss
Jessica Ieremia
Chidi and Lucia Igbokwe
Ronald Inouye
Institute for Community Alliances
Interior Alaska Cancer Association
Interior and Arctic Alaska Aeronautical Foundation, Inc.
Ionia Inc.
Heather Ireland and Gary Snyder
Kerry Irons
Karson Ivey
Bonnie Jack
Jack White Real Estate
Larry and Leslie Jackson
Babbie Jacobs
Caitlin Jacobson
Judy and Terry Jacobson
Martha Jacobson
William Jacobson
Angelina Jacobson
Bruce and Carole Jaffa
Jaffa Construction, Inc
Barbara Jagels
Sonja Jenko
Rose Jenne and Robin Rivers
R. Michael and Darlene Jens
Tina Jernigan
Asher Jimenez
Hayden Jimenez
Sierra Jimenez
John Jinneman
K L Johannes
Regina Johanos
Barbara and Steve Johnson
Barry Johnson and Joyce Johnson Weaver
Beth and Mike Johnson
Craig and Terrie Johnson
Elliott and Molly Johnson
Greg and Kathi Johnson
Lynn Johnson
Marlys Johnson
Sarah, MJ and Annika Johnson
Steven and Delena Johnson
Jay Johnston and Stephanie Love
Jennifer and Allan Johnston
Alice Johnstone
Amy Jones
Dan and Karen Jones
Deborah Jones
Ransom and Kimberly Jones
Tim and Theresa Jones
Lee and Samille Jordan
Constance Jorgensen
Lindsey Jorgensen
Janessa Joseph
Richard Joy
Jumper, Inc.
Anna and Jim Jurgeleit
Larry and Nelle Jurgeleit
Mollie Kabler
Christina Kamelhair
Mark Kansteiner and Colleen Kelly
Andrew Kaplan
Charles and Lynne Kaplan
David Kaplan
Diane Kaplan and Mel Sather*
Michael Kaplan
Sarah Kaplan
Greg and Jennifer Karlik
Karlson LLC Lighthouse Excursions
Kent Karns
Lorraine Kasko
Kathleen and Walter Kaso
John and Kirby Kauffman
Richard and Tina Kauffman
Eileen Kazura
KDS Leasing, LLC
Alison Kear
Kim Kearney
Keene and Currall A Professional Corporation
Raymond and Linda Kelley
Thomas Kelley
James and Christine Kelly
Denali A. Kemppel and Kevin Cuddy
Nina Kemppel
Roger and Mary Kemppel
Lesley and Jim Kempsell
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
Suzie Kendrick
Cinny Kennard
Judith Kepes
Rebecca Kerin
Gary Keskela
Susan Kesti and Daniel Logan
Janet Kidd
Drs. Phyllis and Royal Kiehl
Larry and Ann Kilgore
Mara Kimmel
Janet Kincaid
Allen King
Jean-Ellen King
Jonathan and Elizabeth King
Robert King
Tina King
Kingfisher Consulting LLC
David Kingsland
Charles Kinney
Jack Kinney
Johanna Kinney
Wayne and Barbara Kinunen
Jacob Kirkness
Kim Kirkness
Maris Kivett
Mary Jane Klebesadel
Gretchen Klein
Cheré Klein Enright and Loren Enright
Dave Klenzendorf
Cynthia Klepaski
Douglas and Lynn Kloke
Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay Society
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Bruce Knofel
Pamela Knowles
Kara Knox
Kevin Knox
Kobuk Coffee
Barry Koch
Hilary Koch
Kodiak Area Native Association
Kodiak Public Library Association
Kodiak Rotary Club
Meera Kohler
Valerie Koivunen
Janet and Ron Kolar
Gabriel and Laura Kompkoff
Koniag Inc.
Barclay and Robert Kopchak
Clay Koplin
Martha and Bill Kopplin
Daphne Koropp
Julie Korsmeyer
Alexander and Miriam Kotlarov
Megan Kouremetis
John Kowal
Chris Kowalczewski
Mary Kowalczykc and Rudy Saccomanno
Linda Kozak
Mira Kraft
Larry Kramer
Patty Krasnansky
Mary Krusen
Anne Kubas
Alexander Kubitz
Elizabeth Kubitz
Grace Kubitz
Jim Kubitz
Jo Kuchle and Gene Therriault
Linda Kumin
Aaron Kusano
Dick and Mary LaFever
Vernon “Jim” and Kay LaBau
Mark Lackey
Suzanne Lagoni
Kathryn and Tom Lamal
Ellen Lancaster
The Landing Hotel
Lori Landstrom
Julie and Dennis Landwehr
Jane and Steve Lanford
Valerie Lapinski
Brian Larky
Ellen and Larry Larson
Latash Investments
Conrad Lau
Lavelle’s Bistro Cafe de Paris Catering Co
Jessie Lavoie
Janice Laxson
Jay and Bill W. Laxson
Leroy and Marilyn Layton
Rebecca Lean
Patricia Leary
Helen Leber
Riki Lebman and Dave Mesiar
Barton and Mary Lebon
Claire LeClair Holland
Cathy LeCompte
Gareth LeCrone and Family
Andrew Lee
Nicole Lee
Norman Lee
Pauline Lee
Janet Leekley Eddy
Deborah and Benjamin Leff
Bill Legere
Linda Legg
Colleen Leibert
Noemi Leick
Marilyn Leland
Robert Lemon
Chip and Heather Lende
Phillip Lende
Hilda Lespron
Sanna LeVan
Larry and Lenora Leveen
Richard and Eileen Levinson
Keith and Janice Levy
Susan Levy
David Lewis
Tom Lewis
Cynthia and Warren Libby
Sue Libenson
Mike Liebing
Michael and Julie Lina
Stephen Lindbeck
Kenni and Nils Lindin
Carol Ann Lindsey
Benjamin Linford
Daniel Linkhart
Robert and Patricia Linville
Cindy Litman
Susan Litman
Stephen Livingston and Margaret Cobey
LMJ Consulting
Diana Long
George Long
Wendy, Dave and Elliot Longtin
Maribel Lopez
Victoria Lord
Dorene Lorenz
Naomi Louvier
Melissa Low
Ora Lew Lowery
Lu Young Children’s Fund
Douglas and Barbara Luiten
Laura Luna
Steve Lundgren
David Lundin
Angela Lusk
Lutak Lumber and Supply
Monica and Jolund Luther
Mark Luttrell and Ann Ghicadus
Russ Lyman and Cynthia Allen
Aftan Lynch
Erin and Rob Lynch
Lynden Inc.
Lynn Canal Corporation
Barbro Lyon
Elizabeth Lyons
Mary Ann Macinko
Thomas Mack
Dylan Mackeben
Ralph Mackie
Madison Lumber and Hardware, Inc
Israel Mahay
Jennifer Mahlen
Elaine and Mort Maimon
Frankie Mak
Marsha Mak
Malia Hayward Ins Agency, Inc
Sharon and Pete Mallatt
Anthony and Mandy Mallott
Byron* and Toni Mallott
Frank and Sandy Malone
Dr. Vicki Malurkar and William Anthes
David Mannheimer
Andrea Manning
Arthur and Karen Mannix
Christopher and Barbara Mannix
Jacob Mannix
Zachary Mannix
Karen Marcey
Richard (EZ) Marchant
Elena Marks
Michael Marks
Ross A. Marley, DMD, LLC
Steven Marques
David and Pamela Marquez
Jennifer Marschke
Carol Marsh
Deborah Marshall
Jordan Marshall
Blythe Marston
Brooke and Wilda Marston
Erin and Cheri Marston
James Martin
John Deverick Martin
Judy Martin
Louise Martin
Luis Martinez
Zuleika Mason
Laura Mastrella
Peter Mathiesen and Sandra Ehrlich-Mathiesen
Mat-Su Health Foundation
Mat-Su Sea Hawkers, Inc.
Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation
Tina Mattis
John and Janet Mattson
Colin Maynard
Sheryl Mayo
Molly Mayo Wood
John McCabe
Dave and Valery McCandless
Joann McClain
Kevin McClear
Rich and Susan McClear
Sue McClure
William McCrossan
Karin McCullough
Mark McDermott
Christy McDonald
The Gerard McDonnell Memorial Fund
Sheila McDonough
Game and Debra McGimsey
Hope Mcgratty
Christine McGraw
Debra and Paul Mcguire
Patti McGuire and Greg Romack
Thomas McGuire
Susan McHenry
Blake McHugh
Alex and Whadawn McKay
Alexandra McKay and Christian Morgan
Stephen McKeever
Kathy McKelvey
Douglas and M.E. Mclaughlin
Christine McLeod Pate
Emily McMahan
Jeffrey McMillan
Dennis and Stephanie McMillian
Curtis McQueen
Catherine McRoberts
Vanessa Meade
Maria Elena Medlock
Michael and Yong Meeks
Bill and Ellen Mehan
Bill and Bonnie Mehner
Becky Meiers
Karen Meizner
Steven and Joanna Menaker
Malcolm and Elaine Menzies
Barbara Mercer and Michael Halla
Mary-Jane Messinger
Jason Metrokin
Charles Michael
Jo and Peter Michalski
Karen and Michael Milam
Mark Milat
Arthur Fred Miller
Elizabeth and Louie Miller
Greg and Jan Miller
Ken Miller
Kristina Miller
Richard and Margot Miller
Rob and Ardy Miller
Valorie Miller and Clifford Ford
Bruce Mills
Karen and Clark Milne
Maggie Minton
Donald Mitchel
Faith Mitchell
Frank and Deena Mitchell
Scot and Bonnie Mitchell
Charles Mitman
Peter Mjos and Karen Ruud
Frances Mlakar
Maris and Don Mobley
Michael Moeglein and Colleen Bridge
Thomas Moll
Monroe Foundation
Willow and Antonio Monterrosa
Mike Monterusso
Carol Montgomery
James Montgomery and William McIver
J. and Valerie Moody
Bonnie Moore
Donald and Barbara Moore
Ted and Virginia Moore
James and Joeann Moran
Becky More
Hilary Morgan
Sydney and Yuri Morgan
Boyd Morgenthaler
Dr. Michael and Maya Moriarty
Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center
Carroll and Sonya Mortenson
Curtis and Ashley Mortenson
Emily Mosites
Donald and Donna Mosites Family Foundation
Carolyn Mosley Ganner and Thomas Ganner
Mountain Market
Anson Moxness
Linda Moyer
Mt. McKinley Lions Club
Ivory Mulholland
Municipality of Anchorage
Nancy Munro
Vivian Munson
James Murphy
Lynn Murphy and Peter Shwartz
Peter E. Murphy and Susan LaGrande
Steve Murphy
Murphy Family Dental
Museums Alaska
Jackie Musgrave
Christine Myers
Michael and Joanne Myers
Ann Myren and Tim McDonough
Rachel Myron and Steve Lewis
Deanna and Jon Nafzger
Todd Nagengast
Michael Navarre
Tim Navarre
Neacola Moutain Air LLC
Leslie and Harry W. Need IV
Claire Nelson
Mary Beth Nelson and Steve Paustian
Rick and Leslie Nerland
Rebecca Neslunds
Jan Newman
Joyce and Richard Newman
Thomas Newman
Jamie Newsom Eaton
Bonnie Nichols
Janice Nightingale
Barbara and Douglas Norbeck
Margaret Nordale and Bob Schruf
Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage, Inc.
Beth Nordlund
Kristine Norosz
Norse Alaska LLC
Scott and Tlisa Northcutt
Northrim Bank
John and B Lynn Nowak
NTL Alaska, Inc.
Erin Oba
Ellen O’Brien and Richard Smeriglio
Stefanie O’Brien
Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC
Edward O’Connor
January and Nathanael O’Connor
Josselyn O’Connor
Michael O’Connor
Raylene O’Connor
Sandra O’Connor
Joe and Maura Odell
Odom Corporation
Kathy O’Gara
Katherine O’Grady
Terence O’Hara and Fredericka Markscheffel
James Okonek
Jolin Oksness
Old Harbor Books
Old Harbor Native Corporation Settlement Trust
Patrick and Karen O’Leary
Jasmine Oliver
Steven Oliver
Matthew Olnes
Declan Olsen
Niccole Olsen
Olivia Olsen
Oskar Olsen
Bobbi Olson
Yngve Olsson
Optimum Health and Wellness Physical Theraphy, Inc
Dorothy and Dean Orbison
Brian O’Riley
Daniel and Lori Ortiz
Michael, Shanna, Brian, Jacob, and Molly O’Shaughnessy
John Oswald
Kerri O’Toole
Martin Owen
Joe and Diane Owens
Richard Owens
Eleanor Oydna
Kerry and Connie Ozer
Cameo Padilla
Susan Padilla
Joe Page
Anna Bernadette Paine
Mona Painter
Rodger Painter
Kris Palmatier
Jim Palmer and Sheila Arkell
Lana Palmer
Palmer Economic Development Authority Inc
Tom Panamaroff
Peter Panarese
Walter Panzirer
David Paperman
Connie and Vann Parker
Marilyn Parker
Peter Partnow and Stephanie Kesler
James Partridge
Elise Patkotak
Suzanne Paulsen
Jane and John Pawloski
Will and Mimi Peabody
William Pearson
Stuart Pechek
John Peckham
Kurt Pedersen
Christina and Joseph Pender
Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center
Nikos and Mary Pennino
Pamala Penrose
Debra Perala
Grete Lewis Perkins
Sue Perles
Petersburg Borough
Petersburg Emblem Club No. 81
Leland and Linda Peterson
Matthew K. Peterson and Mary DeMers
Will and Sally Peterson
Peterson EM LLC
Susan Pfeiffenberger
Valerie Phelps
Karen Philion
Joanne Phillips-Nutter
Physicians of the Matsu Valley
Betty Pierce
Orin Pierson
Margaret Piggott
Arne R. Pihl and Molly O’Neill Pihl
William and Marsha Pike
Natasha Pineda
Jeremy and Jasmine Plentikoff
Greg Podsiki
Amy Poe
Sammye and Vincent Pokryfki
Christopher Polum
Mary Pomeroy and Mike Horne
William Popp
David and Sondra Porter
Nate Porter and Cassalyn David
Kelsey J. Potdevin and Mike Bedinger
Cam and Nan Potts
Pat Pourchot and Jennifer Johnson
Sharon Powder
Richard and Kandi Powell
Diana and Gary Powers
Elizabeth Bayes Preis
Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield
Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska
Margaret and Michael Price
Princess Cruises
Sandra and Charles Pritchard
William Prittie
Providence Health and Services Alaska
Margaret Pugh
Quantum Spatial
Ann Marie Quinlan
Gretchen Quinlan
John Quinley
Daniel Quinn
Roberta Quintavell
Radiation Billing Solutions, Inc.
Laura Raffals
Robert Raichle
Rainbow Glacier Adventures
Leah and Mark Raine
Linda Raitanen
David Ramseur and Susan Wibker
Gerald and Leslye Randall
Pamela Randles
Richard Randolph
Salle and David Randolph
Scott and Irene Ransom
Ann Rappoport
Ed and Cathryn Rasmuson
Rasmuson Foundation
Gregory and Marianne Rasmussen
Katherine Ratledge
Joy Rawlins
Carol Rea
Mary Reardon and Ervin Dedeker
Brad Reeve
Monika Reghetti
Kimberly and Skip Reierson
Ronald Reierson
Debbie Reinwand
Judith Reis
Kim and Cameron Reitmeier
Jim Renkert
Nona Renn
Resources and Results Consulting LLC
Resurrection Bay Lions Club
Debby Retherford
Keenan Retherford
Susan Rex
Julie Reynolds
Allison Rice
Mark Rice
Leland and Margaret Rich
Alan Richardson
Elizabeth Richardson
Esther Richmond
David Ricke
Megan Riebe
Judith Riedel
Tara Riemer
Roberta Rinehart
Kent and Lisa Rininger
Michael, James and Ann Ripka Goldman
Elizabeth and C. Ed Ripley
Kate Ripley
Diane Ritchie
Jane Ritchie
Robert and Bobbie Ritchie
Shawn Rivera
Heather Roach
Sarah Roark
Donna and Harvey Robbins
James Roberts
Leni Roberts
Robin Roberts
Jeffrey Robinson
Pamela Robinson
Ray and Julie Robinson
Roger and Pamela Robinson
Angela Rodell
Warren Roe
Boots Roemhildt
Betty and Harry Rogers
Brian Rogers
Susan Rogers
William and June Rogers
Debbie Rohrer
Richard and Susan Rohrer
Ellen and David Rojcewicz
Marilyn Romano
Carole Romberg
Ed Ronco
Beth Rose and John Levy
Kirk and Kate Rose
The Frances and David Rose Foundation
Ronnie Rosenberg
Dana Rosenstreich
Amy Rosenthal
David Rosenthal
Clare and Chad Ross
JoAnn Ross and Steven Cunningham
Leslie Ross
Rivkah Ross and David Goldstein
Rotary Club of Fairbanks
William Rotecki and Loann Swanson
Benjamin Roth
Jean Rounds-Riley and John Riley
Evelyn Rousso
Melanie Roy
Joan Rubert
Jonathan B. Rubini and Clare Bertucio
Marilyn Rudolph
Evelyn Ruehr
Matthew Ruiz
Julie and John Rule
Skyles Runser
Paul and Sharon Rupple
John Jay Rush
Bernie and David Ruskin
Anne Ryan
Danielle Ryman
Dr. Daniel Safranek
Sheryl Salasky
Brian and Angela Salazar
Sharon and Jeff Samuels
Jeanne Sande
Sandra Sandness
Mariko and Erin Sarafin
Linda Sargent
Nupur Sashti
Lisa Sauder
Kate Saunders
Laury Roberts Scandling
Scanlon Gallery
Sheldon and Jean Scarrott
Jeanne Schaaf
Carol Schatz
Rebecca Schellinger
Roger Schmidt and Jeanine Brooks
Debra Schnabel
Emily Schneider, Dean Larson and Michelle Gridley Larson
Lucille Schoenberger
Schoolhouse Fish Co. LLC
Cindy Schraer
Douglas and Mary Schrage
Jennifer and Timothy Schrage
Drs Herbert Schroeder and Linda Lazzell
Barbara L. Schuhmann and Robert Groseclose
Thomas Schulz
Willie and Kathy Schulz
David Schwantes
Krista Schwarting
Leslie and James Schwartz
Mike and Kay Schwartz
Sandra Schwary
Glen and Marcia Scott
Rosa Scouten
Aneeka Scranton
Sea Mac Seafoods LLC
Sea Wind Aviation, Inc
The Seattle Foundation
Daniel and Shirley Seavey
Christina Seay
Laurie Seehafer
Sara Seeman
Karen Sefton
Aliza Segal
John Seigle
Tom and Dena Selby
Rita Selden
Elizabeth Senear
Gabriella Serventi
JT Service
Mark Severson
Seward Area Hospice Inc.
Seward Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Seward Community Library
Seward Community Library Association, Inc.
Seward Properties, LLC
Seward Senior Citizens, Inc.
Laura Shaeffer
David and Harriet Shaftel
Shaftel Delman Kaufman, LLC
Monica Shah and Gregg Schomaker
Jed Shandy
Heather Shank
Shannon and Wilson, Inc.
Miriam Shark
Monisha Sharma
Grant Shearer
Dorothy Shearn
Kyle and Rachel Shedd and Family
Mary Jane Shedd
Dean Sheehy
Gov. Bill Sheffield
Kathleen Sherwood
Juliana Shields
Joan Shigekawa
Robert Shimek
Phyllis Shoemaker
Shoreside Petroleum, Inc.
Steve Shreiber
Anthony and Ann Sieminski
Carol Simonetti
Michael Singsaas
Connie Sipe
Sitka Community Hospital
Sitka Vision Clinic
Mark and Joan Sizemore
Michele and Cory Skoog
Judi Slajer
Veronica Slajer
Sarah Sledge and Tom Begich
Alexander Slivka
Michelle Sloper
Pamela Sloper
Lynn Slusher
Kate Slyker
Gerald Smallwood
Jayson Smart
Stacie Smiley
Allen and Bobbi Smith
Annette Smith
Audrey Smith
Bridget Smith and James Asper
Candace and Vernon Smith
Claudia and Glen Smith
Corinne Smith and Paul Button
Douglas Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Gary Smith
Jean and Ronald Smith
Jordan Smith
Julia Smith
Linda Smith and Keith Mahler
Nora Smith
Norm, Suzanne and Isobel Smith
Patricia Smith
Stephen Smith
Steve Smith
Scott and Kristi Snapp
Shirley Sneve
David Snyder
Joan Snyder
Richard and Liska Snyder
William Sobers
Sockeye Cycle Co
David and Alexandra Sonneborn
Soroptmist International of Kodiak Community
Arthur Sosa and Maricela Beltran
SouthEast Alaska Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC
Kally Spalinger
Melody Spangler-Hatch
Mark Spano
Hannelore and Casey Sparks
Special Olympics Alaska
John M. Sroufe and Diane Disanto
Jacqueline St. Clair
Charles St. George
Sandy and Jim St. George
Jeanine St. John
Katie St. John
St. Philips Catholic Sodality
Barbara Staake
Jackie Stallings
Cassandra Stalzer
Barbara Stanley
Stanley Williams Administrative Trust
Colin Starrett
Connie and Ray Staska
Randall Stauffer
Stan and Janice Steadman
Ronald Steen
Bonnie and Paul Steer
Scott and Pam Steffes
Donald and Donna Stein
Al Steinmann and Gail Brown
Stephan Fine Arts Inc.
Sen. Gary and Rita Stevens
Wayne Stevens
Ted Stevens Foundation
Katrina and Marcus Stewart
Pat and Bob Stichweh
Alice Stickney
Holly Stinson
Daniel Stirling
Sandra Stolle
Eliazabeth and Jeffrey Stonehill
Trevor Storrs and Steve Smith
Libby Stortz
Cheryl Strawn
Ron Strode
Kimberly Strong
Ruthie Strong
James and Adona Struve
Molly Sturdevant and Dave Nussbaumer
Carol Sturgulewski
Stormy and Louise Stutes
Daniel Sullivan
Sultana New Ventures LLC
Sunshine Community Health Center
Anne Sutton and Gordon Sandy
John and Sharon Svenson
Chris Swalling
Marc Swanson
Paul and Karen Swartzbart
Liz and Mark Swearingin
Margaret and David Sweetman
Saralyn Tabachnick
Michelle Tabler
Bruce Talbot
Talkeetna Bachelor Society, Inc.
Talkeetna Historical Society
Elsie Tanadjaja
Walter Tape
Tatonduk Outfitters Limited
Tatsuda’s Supermarket Inc.
Deborah Taylor
Scott Taylor
Shari Teeple
Richard Tero
Andy Teuber
Rebecca Thario
Bruce Theriault
William Theuer
Brenda Theyers
Raina Thiele
Schwana Thoma
Diane Thompson
John and Deborah Thompson
Thomas Thompson
Perry Thoorsell
Shauna Thornton
Nancy Tietje
Troy, Torie and Baker Tirell
Wayne Todd
Ruth Tompsett
Tina Tomsen
Tongass Historical Society
Mary Tougas
Jody Tow
Aleesha Towns-Bain and Cameron Bain
Donna and Bill Trainor
Grant Trask
Alan Traut
William Tremblay
Chelsea Tremblay
Janet Trettner
Alexandria Troxell
Eric Troyer and Corrine Leistikow
Ted and Gloria Trueblood
Kathleen and James Trump
Peter Tyron
Kirsten Tschofen
Emil Tucker
Lane Tucker and Elizabeth Perry
Rodger and Francilla Tuenge
William Tull
Turkey Red LLC
Margareth Twigg
Breianne Tyler
Ethan Tyler
UAF Financial Aid Office
Fran Ulmer
Ron Unger
Elizabeth A. Union-Jakubek and Jim Jakubek
United Way of Anchorage
Dorothy and Lawrence Urbach
Usibelli Foundation
David and Rebecca Valentine
Kara Valikai
Linda Van Houten and William Joiner
Tracy Vanairsdale
Jeraldine and Jan VandenTop
Bernard and Susanna Vanderweele
Vast Alaska LLC
Cheryl and Dave Vastola
Deborah Vaughan
The Vault
Michael and Tonya Venneberg
VFW Post 3836
David and Doral Vial
Laura Vogel and Shane Worden
Deborah Vogt
Kalila Volkov
W.E. Hankins Enterprises Inc.
Kim Wagner and Roger Provost
Jeanette Wakefield
Daniel and Madelyn Walker
Darren Walker
June and Jimmy Walker
Karako Walker and Harold Hughes Jr
Patricia Walker
William and Sunshine Walker
Allison Wall
Michael Wall
Rachel Wall
Sharen Walsh
Patricia and Jim Walter
Wayne and Donna Walter
Betty Walters
Terral and Mary Wanzer
Doris Ward
Paige Ward
Carol Warren and Lisa Sinnott
Warwick and Schikora. P.C.
Ella and Jeremy Wasserman
Eric Wasserman
Stanley and Maeve Watkins
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West High Alumni Association
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White’s Inc.
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