Partnership for Alaska COVID-19 Response

You may know The Alaska Community Foundation for our dedication to addressing the ongoing and long-term needs of our state. However, when called upon, ACF also focuses on pressing critical needs that impact the lives of all Alaskans. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, ACF is raising and deploying resources for the immediate and future needs of frontline nonprofits and individuals across Alaska.

If you have the resources, please consider supporting AK Can Do COVID-19 Response efforts. To help address the unprecedented needs, people and organizations are experiencing due to the pandemic.

The need is staggering. In ACF’s recent Alaska COVID-19 “Rapid Response” grant application process, ACF received 308 applications, totaling requests of $4.7 million from nonprofits across Alaska, many of which are in dire need. We have deployed over $215,000 to 25 groups. With your help, ACF will distribute a second round of funding in three to four weeks, and a third-round over the next several months.

The Alaska Community Foundation and United Way of Anchorage have partnered with support of Rasmuson Foundation to create and promote AK Can Do. This Alaskan partnership for COVID-19 relief centralizes fundraising and coordinates response efforts. If you’d like to provide support, you can choose from two options:

Critical Services on the Frontline Fund  Supports nonprofits that provide essential services to communities, families, and individuals throughout Alaska who are struggling with health and economic issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or those that are essential for the quality of life in Alaskan communities. The Alaska Community Foundation and an advisory group will oversee the disbursement of these funds. You may choose to focus your gift on a region or city in Alaska or give to the area of greatest need.

Neighbor to Neighbor Fund – Supports the basic needs of our neighbors across Alaska who, as the pandemic unfolds, are experiencing unprecedented hardships. United Way of Anchorage will rely on a statewide network to distribute these funds to families and individuals who are in need. You may choose to focus your gift on a region in Alaska or give to the area of greatest need.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting COVID-19 response efforts. Please go to to donate today. Or to discuss options or provide funding instructions, contact Elizabeth Miller at or Nina Kemppel at If someone you know is in need of help during these challenging times, please call 2-1-1 or 800-478-2221.

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