A donor advised fund makes it easy for your client to support the issues and organizations they care about, while alleviating them of all the administrative and investing oversight establishing a private foundation entails.

By working with The Alaska Community Foundation, your client benefits from ACF’s professional investment management services, due diligence, and years of grantmaking experience. As a fund advisor, your client can recommend grants as often as they like. They will also receive a quarterly statement showing all fund activity, including grants from and gifts to the fund.

There are several options to consider when creating a donor advised fund.  Your client can choose from a permanently endowed fund to ensure a long-term, charitable legacy; a non-endowed fund that is ideal for donors with a timeline of three to five years; or a short-term fund.

Your client can make additional gifts to grow their fund at any time and benefit from ACF’s experience with accepting a wide variety of gifts and assets.

For more information on donor advised funds, visit donor advised funds or contact us.