Erin was a beautiful, compassionate, and passionate person– who lived her brief 27 years to the fullest. Being outside, exploring wild and remote places with her best friend and husband Abe, her parents Barb and Steve, and her extended family of friends and loved ones was one of her favorite joys.
A life-long Alaskan, Erin grew up in the mountains, especially those behind her parents’ home in Chugiak. A talented and tenacious athlete, she represented Alaska as a member of the Junior Olympic Nordic Ski Team in 2006 and 2007.

Erin’s wonderful energy, quirky sense of humor, dedication, sparkle, generosity, and talent touched everyone she knew and left them all the better. Her passions extended to gardening, playing her violin, making art in many forms, a love of board games, foraging, and preserving the bounty she harvested.

She explored more corners of the state through personal and work trips than most people could ever dream up in a lifetime. A geologist and botanist by training, she studied at the University of Montana and University of Alaska Anchorage and had a deep scientific appreciation for the nature she loved to explore. She skied, pack-rafted, mountain biked, and backpacked her way around Alaska and the world.

For information, you can view our website dedicated to Erin here.

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