Our mission is to inspire and enhance the community through the performing arts.

The Anchorage Concert Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1950 by a group of classical music enthusiasts who were committed to bringing the finest classical musicians to perform for the people of Anchorage.
Today, our purpose includes presenting internationally acclaimed artists from the entire spectrum of the performing arts in Alaska. Our public performances and outreach activities entertain, uplift, educate, and inspire audiences, students, and local artists.

We believe the arts benefit everyone

Therefore we strive to provide access and exposure to a broad spectrum of the population and also to those who might not otherwise be able to attend an arts event

Since 1950 the Anchorage Concert Association has presented more than 700 performances of the world’s finest music, dance, and theatre. Our small staff handles everything from selecting artists and presenting productions to marketing the events and raising additional funds necessary to cover all the costs. Our volunteers provide behind-the-scenes assistance that makes our season a success.

Our vision is for all Alaskans to experience the performing arts, creating a more vibrant and enriched community.

The Anchorage Concert Association is the largest performing arts presenter in Alaska and acts as an anchor in the touring schedules of artists as they come through the Northwest. Our audience comes from Greater Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, Kenai Peninsula and even as far away as Utqiaġvik. More than 75,000 people of a variety of ages, income levels, and cultural backgrounds will attend an Anchorage Concert Association performance during the coming season.

ACA’s fiscal health is reflected by the fact that 80% of each season’s budget, currently $4 million, is earned through ticket sales. The balance comes from community-minded businesses and individuals, with less than 3 percent from government grants. Contributions to ACA keep ticket prices affordable and support artist fees, shipping and transportation costs, education programs, and operations.

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