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What is your vision for Alaska’s future?

Be a part of this important campaign and help build a legacy of compassion and generosity that will create lasting support for Alaskan nonprofits and communities. 

The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) is proactively raising funds to strengthen communities and nonprofits across our state. ACF is in the final year of a five-year $100 million campaign to grow philanthropy in our state to address current and emerging needs and to support the programs and services that enrich Alaskans’ quality of life. As a public foundation for all of Alaska, ACF encourages individuals, families, businesses, and foundations to give back to Alaska to benefit our state and communities for the long term. To date, over a thousand Alaskans have committed more than $90 million in current donations and future gifts in their wills to this effort.

You Choose Where to Give

The Alaska Fund

The Alaska Fund is a flexible endowment to meet the ever-changing needs of Alaska. While no one can predict what the future will hold, Alaskans can ensure that generations to come will have philanthropic resources to address emerging needs and opportunities. Now more than ever, nonprofits across the state need our support, and the Alaska Fund is an easy and efficient way to make a difference. Gifts of all levels help this philanthropic endowment grow and enable it to reach more people across the state.

Donate to the Alaska Fund

Affiliate Community Foundations

The Affiliate Program is at the heart of ACF and core to our mission. Established in 2008 through a partnership with Rasmuson Foundation, the Affiliate Program currently supports ten Affiliate communities across Alaska to build localized philanthropy.

ACF empowers local groups of dedicated volunteer Advisors to grow their community’s endowments to support statewide nonprofits and charitable projects, now and forever. Affiliate Advisory Boards recommend grants to local nonprofits, lead efforts to support organizations within their communities, and encourage their communities to invest in themselves to build stronger and more vibrant lives for their residents. As a result, ACF and its Affiliates increase individual philanthropy among Alaskans, encourage local leadership to identify community issues and invest in solutions, and grow permanent charitable assets in communities across Alaska to sustain nonprofits.

Donate to an Affiliate Foundation

Field of Interest Funds

  • Alaska Endowment for the Environment: An endowment fund that provides grants in support of education, conservation, or protection of Alaska’s environment.
  • Social Justice Fund: This is a non-endowed, long-term fund that supports organizations and initiatives that promote strong civic engagement, access to quality health care, and equal rights for all Alaskans and other progressive initiatives.
  • Endowment for Alaska Pets: This endowed fund will support organizations and initiatives that promote responsible pet ownership, place rescue pets in loving homes, provide financial assistance to owners who are unable to afford emergency care and/or long term medication for their pets, or help keep the feral pet population in Alaskan communities under control without the use of euthanasia. The intent of this fund is to support organizations that are fiscally sound and have proven their ability to respond to the needs of Alaskan pets.
  • Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund: A field of interest fund established to support the long-term recovery of communities following natural or human-made disasters. This non-endowed fund enables ACF to respond to immediate needs around the state.
  • Women’s Veteran Fund in Honor of Mary Louise Rasmuson: An endowment, established in memory of Mary Louise Rasmuson, to support programs that address the challenges faced by women veterans living in Alaska.
Parks and Trails
  • Chugach Park Fund: he Chugach Park Fund is established to enable Alaskans to enjoy the beauty of Chugach State Park by enhancing trails and providing upgrades to the park for increased access and enjoyment. The Chugach Park Fund is designed to support any adopted components of the Chugach State Park Management Plan that promote protection of the natural and cultural features of the Chugach State Park, the protection and enhancement of Chugach’s historic recreation resources, and serve the multiple user groups of the park. The Fund’s priority is supporting trail projects in Chugach State Park.
  • Alaska Coastal Villages Relief Fund for the Support of Children and Families: This fund is intended to assist organizations with a clear track record of using resources to alleviate human suffering in affected Alaska coastal villages. Grants from this fund may provide for food, housing and other basic needs for families affected by climate change. Grants may also be made for strategic planning in impacted communities, resiliency training, survival materials and training, suicide prevention and other emergent needs.
  • Kincaid Project Group Endowment: An endowment to support the long-term maintenance of the recreational facilities at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska.
Basic Needs
  • Fund for the Homeless: Established by contributions from the Estate of Dominic Gospodor, this fund supports services for the homeless in Anchorage.
  • Jane H. Behlke Fund: A named endowment to support the needs of the elderly who reside outside of the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley areas and to provide food assistance to those in need outside of Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley area as identified by ACF.
  • Safety Net Fund: A fund to meet the basic needs of Alaskans, including those most vulnerable among us. Grants are awarded to provide food, clothing, shelter and hygiene items to organizations across Alaska.

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