The Story of the Anchorage Schools Foundation

Who is the Anchorage Schools Foundation and what do they do? Learn their story by watching this 30-second PSA!

Donor Spotlight: Joyce & Jerry Klein

Joyce and Jerry Klein married September 6, 1974. After a few of work trips to Alaska, Jerry brought Joyce up and she too fell in love with our state. The two bought a house on

Scholarship Highlight: Sara Wise

Sara Wise plans to double major in Chinese language and International Studies. Her academic pursuits will take her far from Alaska and her alma mater of West High School - all the way to Indiana

Rio Tinto Gift: New Workforce Development Initiative

The Alaska Community Foundation announces a new strategic fund that seeks to increase the skilled workforce in Alaska by supporting vocational education opportunities across the state. Read our press release.

Get Connected with Technology Scholarship

In 1958, after campaigning for an up and coming politician (John F. Kennedy) Henry Aristide “Red” Boucher headed to honor of Red, the Red Boucher Scholarship supports outstanding Alaskans pursuing careers in technology education