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Community needs change over time. The issues and opportunities Alaskans are facing today will be different for the next generation. An unrestricted fund provides the maximum flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing needs of Alaska.

Grants from your unrestricted fund are made in the name of the fund you establish, creating your personal legacy of giving. You may give your gift immediately or through your will or other estate planning strategy.

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By growing our capacity to address needs at the community level, we empower people to solve local problems with local giving.

Rick Nerland, Former ACF Board of Directors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an unrestricted fund?

To make the most effective grants in our communities that leverage your gift to support the most pressing issues now and in the future.

How does an unrestricted fund work?

Through your initial gift, ACF will establish an unrestricted fund in your name or a name you choose or you may add your gift to our Alaska Fund.

Who is the ideal donor for an unrestricted fund?

You are. Unrestricted funds are great for those who want their fund to be flexible enough to meet changing needs and do not feel the need to be actively involved in ongoing grantmaking. Unrestricted funds are ideal for individuals and families who want to leave a legacy gift supporting their community or for memorializing an individual or family.

What grants can be made from unrestricted funds?

Grants from unrestricted funds must be charitable in nature and they cannot directly benefit the donor or anyone on the grantmaking committee. Depending on the communities served by the fund, we may ask outside experts to sit on a grantmaking committee.

Who is responsible for the grantmaking?

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the grantmaking, usually through a grants committee. Depending on the communities served by the fund, we may ask outside experts to sit on a grantmaking committee.

Must the grantmaking be competitive?

Not necessarily. Grants from an unrestricted fund are often awarded in a competitive process, however, the Board may decide to make proactive grants or to solicit proposals from specific agencies the Board believes has an impact in the community.