Megan Cacciola
VP of Programs and Grants

Direct: 907-249-6617

Megan Cacciola is the Vice President of Programs and Grants at the Alaska Community Foundation (ACF). Prior to joining ACF in 2022, Megan led programs and grants at the Alaska Humanities Forum, the state humanities council for Alaska. Megan’s career path might best be described as “the scenic route”: a road that involved everything from coordinating study abroad programs in Europe to developing an employee evaluation system at Google, from teaching reading to middle schoolers in the Midwest to developing revenue sources for a startup in San Francisco. Once, she was hired as the translator for the referees at the European semi-final championship handball game and discovered only too late that she didn’t speak their language. She is unreasonably proud of the fact that she’s the probably the worst skier to have ever skied the Bomber Traverse (twice!), though she really much prefers hiking it. 

She is also proud to work at ACF, which she sees as more than just an intermediary between givers and receivers, but also a core civic institution in our state and a driving force for community development and innovation. She is passionate about bridging ideological, political, and cultural divides to expand this community’s shared sense of belonging. Her lifelong work is growing deep connections, rooted in place, that transcend common ground.

Philanthropic Interests:

Prisoner Reentry/Transition
AIDS Assistance
Mutual Aid
Bridging Difference
Youth Enrichment
Arts and Culture